ODRVM New 4k Action Sports Camera 2.4G Remote Control Underwater Review By @AMAZON (Coupon Inside)


This New 4K Action Sports Camera is one of the cheapest HD sports cameras that is capable of recording at 4K or 1080p 60fps. In this review, we are going to test and find out how good the 4K Action Camera is, and what you can expect from a cheap “4K” camera.


The camera itself does not escape the format that we all know, but it is demonstrated to the touch and the feeling of handling that is well built. The buttons show a good response to the touch, the construction itself feels safe (enough to be all plastic).What stands out at first glance is the 2-inch screen that while it does not have the best viewing angles, gives a very good feeling when using the camera.There are Micro SD card slot, USB terminal and HDMI terminal on the side.And there are plenty of accessories.Beginning with a waterproof case, a mount for the bicycle, adhesive base to attach to helmet etc, buckle to be attached to a belt etc. Anything you need is attached at the moment.this 4K Action Sports camera has measure 2.99 x 7.52 x 9.49 inches.


To save money, recording at 4k 30fps is not good, or even acceptable (in my opinion), in this mode the camera delivers 23 Mbps of bitrate, which are not acceptable to get a good quality of action image at 4k. Now the delivered audio is at 18 kbps and a single channel (mono), If we enable WiFi, the bitrate is further reduced, down to 18 Mbps.it is in a waterproof case that it can withstand up to 50M nominally. The capacity of the battery is a little smaller than 3.7V Li-ion Battery 1050 mAh (Two Batteries Included ).XDV is a freeware that works on both iOS and Android. This is very convenient.Access to menus is as flexible as it should be. So connecting the camera to the smartphone is a convenient way to use it again.170 degree wide angle lens.


The image quality is also not good, only acceptable, there is a little definition in general and the colors are not real. These conclusions were to be expected, somewhere they have to scrimp to get the price offered.It’s a 4K movie and a good picture quality, This 4K Action Sports Camera Available at now on Amazon Starting from $69.99 but you can enjoy 10% OFF using this Coupon Code: ZRKW98KX for lower price or other products.


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