Officially Huawei Will Be The First To Use Graphene Batteries


Recently the news is comes out that Huawei will use graphene batteries on the Huawei P40 series. It is reported that its battery capacity is 5000mAh, the advantage is that the battery capacity is increased, but the battery mention does not increase, even 30% smaller than the traditional battery volume, supports fast charging, 45 minutes full.

It is worth noting that Huawei’s official French Twitter retweeted this report and predicted that Huawei will be the first mobile phone brand equipped with graphene batteries, which will be used on Huawei’s high-end mobile phones.

Officials hint that Huawei will be the first to use graphene batteries: P40 or 45 minutes full of early adopters. Considering that the flagship released in the first half of next year is the P series, it is speculated that the P40 series may be Huawei’s first flagship equipped with graphene batteries.

According to news, graphene batteries are currently working to solve three key issues: rate performance, energy density, and safety. Rate performance is referred to as fast charging. Currently, the technology that has been commercially used is mainly reflected in fast charging. If breakthrough progress is made in terms of safety, the first launch of the P40 series graphene battery is entirely possible.

More importantly, it is reported that the P40 series supports 50W super-fast charging technology and is charged with 5000mAh battery in 45 minutes.

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Finally, it is the release time that everyone cares about. In an interview, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong revealed that the Huawei P40 series will be officially released in March.

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