Once Again Ahead of Xiaomi? Huawei Takes the Lead in Launching the Test of Android 9.0/EMUI9


According to the digital bloggers’ digital chat site, Huawei has started testing on the Android 9.0-based EMUI 9.0. A few days ago, the Huawei Developers Alliance sent an app known as “Please start android P version adaptation for your application and complete the adaptation by the end of July 2018” to the app developer of the EMUI app store. :

Huawei’s application market has launched the Android P application adaptation detection work on March 12th. Application developers who haven’t made adaptations are notified by email in succession. All developers should concentrate to this side of application adaptation.

Before the end of July 2018, it is necessary to finish android P adaptation work and self-test. For unadapted or android P versions or poorly-experienced applications, Huawei’s application market will adopt a block or no-recommended update strategy on android P version models, which may affect your promotion, user reputation, and brand.

In addition, some netizens discovered the “interface to EMUI 9.0 style” in the task description of updating the system’s built-in music APP (version 8.0), and the design of the new 8.0 version of the music APP interface and the 1st android 9.0 preview interface are terribly similar.

Combining with the above, we can speculate that Huawei has taken the lead in initiating a new robot 9.0-based EMUI 9.0 to adopt the internal measurement activities. Once again, the leading system adapts a similar active Xiaomi, which is extremely fast.

last year after Huawei’s Mate10 series the first Android 8.0 debut, in 2018, Huawei will once again preempt Xiaomi’s 1st Android 9.0. how do you see this? Please state your opinion in the comment area.

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