Onda has released 7 Tablet PC 2 in 1 like Onda Obook 10 pro,obook 10 plus,obook 11 pro,obook 11 plus,obook 12,obook 10 se, v891w ch


Onda has released 7 Tablet PC 2 in 1 on April 18 in Guangzhou. They are Onda Obook 10 pro,obook 10 plus,obook 11 pro,obook 11 plus,obook 12,v891w ch, obook 10 se. And they have been upgraded them completely in production efficiency,hinge forms, chip configuration, and bring more excellent experience.
This time Onda has released some 2 in 1 models , one of them is Onda oBook 10 Pro which is powered by Cherry Trail X7-Z8700 2.4ghz, while carrying 16 nuclear HD graphics , 10.1-inch 1920×1200 HD Super IPS Panel with detachable shaft design and 4GB memory and 64GB eMMC storage, Guess how much it will be about this high configuration?


Second, in addition to Onda Obook 10 dual os, and the new arrival: Onda Obook 10 pro tablet pc, it will launch two new 10.1-inch “oBook10 Plus” and “oBook10 SE”. These two new products aims at high-end and low-priced 2in1 in the Tablet market. “OBook10 Plus” will be integrated into the most visible Tablet screens yet, trumps its visual experience.OBook10 SE” is the first for the low launch price of 10.1 inches in 2in1 product,well into the new metal hinge design, handwriting pen actions,and other highlights.

The other one is Onda Obook 12 tablet pc, which is the flagship product of the Conference. oBook12″ will also be equipped with Cherry Trail X7-Z8700 quad-core processor, 12.2-inch IPS screen, support multi-mode axis 360 °, all-metal fuselage is extremely impressive, it is currently most outstanding tablet pc in its design in 2in1 tablet pcs.

In addition, Onda will also carry its first Intel Core M3 (Skylake) processor in the Conference.
more powerful GPU integration, let 2in1 the performance of equipment has increased significantly, and play a greater productive efficiency. 11.6 inch HD screen, new metal hinge hinge design also makes it new is much more different!

Meanwhile, Onda, 2in1 flat for sale .the Conference will also conduct a comprehensive upgrading. New product “onda V891w CH” will continue to consolidate n the 8.9-inch onda Tablet market leader. New configurations are upgraded, a new generation into the Intel X5 processor, original Samsung ultra HD screen, Android5.1 and Windows 10 System and other good configurations.

The conference will release the other new arrival, Onda Obook 11 plus, a new metal one piece hinge design to be listed will also become the most cost-effective 2in1 11.6 inch Tablet .


Onda 7 new products of the Conference will be published, and it will be the Onda 2016 ‘s main force, which means more powerful 2in1 flagship performance, a more advanced form of 2in1, a better user experience, a subversion of previous PC Tablet 2in1 Super era is coming. So which onda model do you like most?

Source:  XDA forum


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