Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-1 Tablet PC Hands On Review


Onda as the old Chinese tablet manufacturer is famous for tablet pc with high-competitive price and quality. Right now Onda mainly focuses on Obook series about 2in1 tablet pcs and its V series. In general, V series sells at 500 yuan, $100, but Obook series at 1000 yuan, $150.  Onday Obook 11 plus is the latest 2in1 tablet pc by connecting the original keyboard to be used as a standard laptop, but when it disconnected with the keyboard, it can be regarded as a standard touch screen tablet pc. It runs Windowns 10 Home OS that can be compatible with all of PC software.




Onda Obook 11 plus uses cartons for environmental protection, there is a one-time plastic sticker on the box. In addition, specs are on the side of Obook 11 plus box to know its main hardware.


After opening the package, there is a simple inner box. Although this Obook 1 plus sells at 1099 yuan official price, it still has power adapter, a HOST cable for Micro USB port.


The power adapter output is 5V, 3000mA. So we can use USB cable or smartphone charger to charge oBook11 Plus in theory. Obook 11 plus original charger plug is round, oBook 11 plus has a customized round port for charging.

Then we use the original charger and cable (5V/2000mA) of Vivo smartphone to test, it can charge oBook 11 plus, then we also test USB charging, it succeeds.

If you just buy oBook 11 plus without the original keyboard, then the USB hot cable is very important to connect U disk, other mouse, keyboard.  Because oBOOK 11 Plus itself doesn’t offer standard USB port.


oBook 11 plus preinstalled original Windows 10 Home OS, when launching it first to connect the network, it can complete activation itself.

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oBook 11 Plus uses 11.6inch FHD IPS screen with 1920×1080p screen resolution. So oBook 11 plus can have wide and bright viewing angle without any color difference in different angle. In addition, due to FHD IPS screen, even we see it very close, we will not feel unclear. Therefore, the visual effect makes us very satisfied.


222146okukmw4vkzlheehp.jpg.thumb_副本222145nslziwdv7f33eox3.jpg.thumb_副本OBook 11 Plus adopts metal meterials by CNC cutting,  sandblasting and anodic oxidation coloring process with first class quality. It has this trendy golden color.
All of ports almost are designed on right side of the tablet pc, such as a 3.5mm earphone jack, a TF card, a USB Host, a HDMI port and a charging port. In addition, a built in loudspeaker is on the each left and right side, which claims two speakers stereos of Obook 11 plus.
On the top is a power button, a volume button, at the bottom is to connect the keybord.
Obook 11 plus has 2MP front camera which can do the simple video chatting.
Windows logo is a touch key that can switch the menu.
The touch points are used for connect the keybord to transfer the data.
oBook 11 Plus is powered by Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 64bits 1.84GHz processor which has good performance in dealing with office work.
It has RAM 4GB LPDDR3,  ROM 32GB, after occupying OS, it only has ROM 8GB left. So we need to insert a TF card to meet our daily use. According to official information, Obook11 plus can support up to 128GB by TF card for extension.
oBook 11 Plus has 3.8V/7500mAh battery which support  7 hours battery life. But if you open too many apps, CPU has full load, the battery life will  be less.
Check Obook 11 plus original keyboard.
It has done well in vibration in order to keep safe in shipping
This Obook 11 plus has the original keyboard which works by oBOOK 11 plus battery, besides keyboard and touch panel, it can offer two standard USB ports, so we can insert U disk or mouse without using other cables.
Because it hs magnetic function, it’s easy to dismantle。 This keyboard has same color as the tablet pc, couple with shaft parts, it can be a high-end notebook.
The support for keys has some demerits, when you press one key, the others will also be pressed to some extent which is a little disadvantage for this keyboard. But the holding feel and flexibility are quite good. Therefore, the overall performance shows nice.
oBook 11 Plus has 287×180×8.95mm dimension, 770g weight which is not so heavy itself. But adding this keyboard, it will become a notebook. Although we don’t use it long, it’s enough to use in CPU performance to play some games. It will be very good to do office work. It’s lucky that it uses RAM 4GB instead of RAM 2GB that helps run OS very well.
Of course, we also feel pitiful that oBook 11 plus SSD uses eMMC standard which can read only 150MB/s to the highest, and the ROM only has 32GB which is not enough to install or store more files or apps, because it only has 8GB left after occupying OS. We recommend buying a TF card or choose ROM 64GB version.
But we also are very satisfied with its FHD IPS screen.
In all, Onda oBook 11 Plus tablet pc is a nice tablet pc to play games and office work. Of course you can let it become a notebook at very affordable price. So will you believe it will make nice sales in the near future?

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