Onda V80 Plus, V80SE, V80 Octa Core, V963G, V96 Octa Core, V820w Dual OS Tablet PC Announced


Onda as Chinese leading Tablet PC brand has officially launched its latest 6 Onda tablet PC in Friday such as Onda V80Plus, V80SE, V80 Octa core, V963g, V96 Octa core, and Onda V820w Dual OS White gold version. As we know, onda has released 7 Onda two-in-one tablet pcs before aimed at the high-end market, this time, Onda brings these 6 Onda tablet PC which will play important role in 2016 for Onda focusing on low-end or mid-range tablet pc market and featuring for recreations. Therefore, we can clearly see the product line of Onda in 2016.


Onda mainly focuses on its tablet PC for games and recreation.This 6 tablet PC has some highlights you like most. We will introduce first for you. First, Onda V80Plus will come with all metal body and light weight to have OGS screen more clearly. Second, Onda V80Plus will be powered by Intel X5 processor to sell more affordable. Third, Onda V80SE adopts OGS screen from Japan original Kyocera, which is the most clear screen until now in 8inch screen. Fourth, Onda V80 Octa core and Onda V96 Octa core uses Octa core processor for better games playing. Fifth, Onda this time produces light pink color and light blue color tablet pc to attract more fashionable people. Sixth, Onda V963G supports 3G phone call network at very nice price. Meanwhile, Onda V820W will upgrade to dual OS with gold white color and improve its performance fully.


As for OS, Onda latest tablet pc will mainly run Android OS, but Onda V80PLUS will come with dual OS for better performance to play large 3D games, watch 3d movies and make 3G Phone call  and so on. Most tablets pc are very competitive in its price and performance for mid range or low-end market. Of course, it’s best choice for children to learn their study and read e-books, etc.



We will focus on more Onda tablet PC about these 6 models, Onda V80 Plus, V80SE, V80 Octa Core, Onda V96 3G, V96 Octa Core, Onda V820w Dual OS. Onda released its high-end line and mid-range and low-end line in advance to prove its much confidence to catch more market share this year. Whether 2in1 high end tablet pc or mid-range Onda tablet PC. We believe one of them you will like most. Stay tuned for more details later.

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