ONDA V80 Review: A Tablet That Is Suitable For Work and Play In Less Than $90


My hand has attracted me relatively new from far China, the 8 inch Onda V80 tablet. This is a smaller tablet, which is especially attractive for its price. At present, for example, our Chinese partner Gearbest.com offers it, for a very acceptable $90. He also gave it to us for this review, which is a great pleasure. The tablet ranks on the bottom of the company’s hierarchy, which is an entry model for the brand, which is intended rather for undemanding users. Right now Onda V80 is not in stock, you can try Onda V80 Plus at only $91.

Onda is otherwise one of the leading tablet producers and is primarily targeted at the Chinese home market. This does not mean, however, that we can not meet this brand internationally. Onda runs her website for both home China as well as international, where she presents herself with several selected devices. The V80 series has a total of 3 types. The first is our one presented in the review, you can also meet the V80 SE and a slightly better equipped V80 Plus, which also has a dual boot. So let’s take a look at the review and let the desires go by.


The Onda V80 tablet was placed in a cardboard box, fixed in a bubble film. There was already a classic pack under the foil, hiding the 8-inch tablet. We do not find much in the box itself. In addition to the tablet, there’s just a USB cable, a manual, and one extra bonus extra, which will please – a protective foil stuck on the screen. Just remove the protective layer.

Design and Appearance

Onda has packed its hardware into a sleek body, but compared to the more versatile metal version of the V80 Plus, the company used a particularly non-glare plastic for this device. I would even call it cheaper. The back has a fine texture that could hide scratches in practice. On the other hand, the plastic is so soft that without a protective sleeve you will probably not get rid of some of these ridges.

Moreover, due to the structure, there are no oily greaves or slipping out of hand. The compact size tablet manufacturer was quite well suited, unfortunately, the torsional rigidity is not the best – the tax on the plastic used. Occasionally, some irritation appears.

Overall, I would evaluate the quality of the work as adequate, taking into account what kind of price category we are in. The size ensures very comfortable handling with an optional hold in one hand, which helps the whole narrow edges around the display on the longitudinal side.

The front features an 8-inch FHD resolution display above which we see a VGA camera and. I have to write it, a “hump-hole” notification LED. This size evokes the illuminating diode commonly used in the main cameras of today’s mobile phones. Do not be afraid, it will not dazzle you, it will shine in red, and the intensity will not diminish.

If you have any capacitive buttons below the display, you will be disappointed. All controls are performed using the virtual keys that are displayed at the bottom edge of the display, or they can be pulled by the edge.

On the right side, like the vast majority of smartphones, there are a power button and a volume rocker.

On the border of the opposite long edge and the back of the tablet, you will find the card slot to insert the memory card.

At the top ,we can see the speaker, a micro USB connector, a 3.5 mm audio jack and one more connector, which features a bit of a mystery to me. I do not mention it in the manual nor on the official website of the manufacturer. However, it is probably a power connector.

On the back side, beyond the ONDA logo and several labels, the most important element, the camera with a 2MP camera, is the most important element. The tablet is surprising by a fairly decent thickness of 9.5 mm and a weight of 312grams. Other dimensions, 214 x 125.3 mm.


The 8 inch IPS OGS 16:10 display boasts FullHD resolution (1920 × 1200 pixels, 284 PPIs), and surprisingly, I have to say that after turning on it is a very good choice for the manufacturer. The display is most likely not covered by any branded glass, rather it is a hardened plastic. In addition to that, Ondo poured a protective foil as a bonus.

The panel will impress the first impression with a very good color rendition and, in most cases, good sharpness. In some cases, however, the display produces veils with a distinct gradient of the color. Intensity is the same from corner to corner, so homogeneous. Designed to do it Ondo was very good and nowhere is there anywhere and there are no halo effects.

The display also avoided a glowing breath, as is often the case with Chinese production. Perhaps the reproduction of the green would need a little straightening, it makes me too light and faint. Observation angles are part of the current standard, and the backlight intensity leans to those higher values, which you will appreciate in the daylight. On the other hand, a third-party filter will also need to be installed for night-time operation to further reduce lighting intensity.


Onda V80 tablet uses the All Winner A64 SoC. Being a budget tablet, the All Winner SoC is a great choice – it costs only $5. A Quad Core 64 bit Allwinner A64 SoC with ARM Cortex-A53 processors capable of reaching 1.34Ghz and with a Mali-400 MP2.


This processor is added 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. The result is a reasonable performance in relation to the purchase price. Additionally, the internal memory can be expanded through the slot for inserting microSD cards, up to 256GB. The Onda V80 reliably recognizes up to 5 touches, which is sufficient for normal use.

Operating System

The factory operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat, so a fairly recent version. It’s standard Google Android including the Play Store and all the apps from Google. There are some apps preinstalled – but that’s it. I don’t think it’ll ever get an update to Android Oreo though. You get Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

Now use the Multi-window view and switch between multiple apps or use two apps simultaneously. Faster and more secure than any of its predecessor. Has smarter battery control which senses the unnecessary usage and controls it to increase the lifetime of the device.

When connected by cable to a computer, the tablet is displayed as a media device. In this mode, you can work with it like a regular flash drive. From the total amount of built-in memory, the user is available 10GB, the remaining volume is used for needs of the some usually installed apps and operating system.

Performance Test

Taking into account the fact that there are the All Winner A64 SoC has Quad Cortex-A53 cores and clocks up to 1.3GHz frequency with 2GB of RAM, one can assume that there will be no power crackers. Dependability and lightness of the system sometimes disappear a little bit, but as you learn below, you have been able to advise most of the games tested.


So how did he fall in benchmarks? So, although in some synthetic tests he was surprised, he was slightly behind in the others. However, miracles cannot be expected from the configuration described above. More can be read from the enclosed screens and a summary of the results processed in the report.


Despite its fairly low cost, Onda v80 is also suitable for games. The tablet performance of Android with All Winner A64 SoC Quad Cortex-A53 cores and 2GB of RAM surprisingly interesting results. As it turned out, it can be a quite comfortable playing in most modern toys. For example, Real Racing 3 and Modern Combat 5 went here quite well without any problems.

Of course, it’s hard to play very heavy games on high graphics settings, but again you should not forget about its budget and cost, so in this case, you will have to settle for medium or low settings in such games.

By the way, for fans of one of the most demanding online games for Android – WOT Blitz, I note that according to the owners of this tablet, its integrated graphics make it possible to comfortably fight in tanks at low graphics settings, while FPS keeps usually within 30-45 k / s, depending on the location and number of objects in the frame.

Camera Specs and Ability

On the front, we find a VGA camera with a sensor of 0.3Mp and at the back with 2MP. This is not a revolution intended to record some world-class pictures or videos. Rather, one can talk about the current low-entrant class of Chinese production.

Both cameras are primarily used to communicate with the world through social networks such as Skype, Viber or Facebook, Messenger, Twiter, and so on. There is probably the right place to place the creations of these cameras. These activities are directly determined and perhaps fully sufficient.

Battery and Autonomy

As you probably remember from the characteristics, the device is equipped with a battery with a declared capacity of 4200 mAh. The result of testing by a special USB device showed a value of 3600mAh. Other owners of this tablet have the same testing results in the range 3700-3800mAh, so we can say that the manufacturer only slightly “exaggerated” the claimed capacity. If you consider that the tablet uses a sufficiently energy-intensive screen with FHD-resolution, that it is not worth waiting for autonomy wonders from it.

As a result, in the mode of online viewing of HD-video with an average brightness of the display device is able to work for about 5 hours. In the game mode, the “online” battery lasts about 2.5 hours and a little over 3 hours for games without using Wi-Fi. In addition, any popular fast charging support is missing today. This slug rate of the charging process can really go down all morning. As mentioned above, the original charger in the package is also missing.


Although the Onda V80 has some things that can be better, it’s still worth the 85$ if you’re looking for a tablet for some quick browsing or watching videos. Even for a first tablet, the V80 does the job. It’s small and easy to carry around, it has almost all the capabilities of a regular Android-tablet, but it’s just a bit slower. However, it works and that’s all it needs to do for that price I think. You can even choose between two color shades, indigo blue, and pink, which also records who to give.

Other group members may be students, but we are returning to the above. For more demanding users, I recommend looking around for something with better equipment and a bigger display even at the expense of spending more money. We thank once again our Chinese partner Gearbest.com, Right now Onda V80 is not in stock, you can try Onda V80 Plus at only $91.30.


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