Onda V891W CH Tablet PC Screen 6 Upgrading Performance Collection


Onda has officially released Onda V891W CH version, which is the latest 2 in 1 tablet pc aimed at the mid, or low price tablet PC market.  It uses stronger Intel X5 processor, improving its 8.9inch screen resolution up to 1920*1200 pixels. In addition, it runs dual OS windows 10 and Android5.1 OS  to get big progress in its performance. It will go in public soon at the amazing price. Just stay tuned.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点

Upgrade 1: Powered by Intel Atom X5 Processor, increase 50% performance overall.

Onda V891W CH is powered by a new generation of Intel Cherry Trail (atom) powerful processor, four core thread architecture design,  a new generation of frequency speed technology, which can meet the performance requirements of demanding, and efficacy. By using of 14 nm process technology, it has increased up to 50% in its processor performance compared with last generation 22nm one.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点

Upgrade 2: 12 core GPU, increase 1 times

“Onda V891w CH” has the formidable Intel eighth generation HD Graphics Graphics processors, based on 14 nm advanced technology,together with the CPU encapsulation,equipped with 12 EU core execution units, and the highest frequency of 500 MHZ,  improving 1 times than  seventh generation of Graphics performance, plus DirectX 11 and other tech same as that of desktop level graphics brings more unusual gaming experience.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点

Upgrade 3: Latest Windows 110+ Android5.1 Dual OS, Operating more comfortably

With latest Intel Cherry Trail Atom X5 processor,  “onda V891w CH” supports Windows 10 dual platform and android 5.1 operating system.By working together again with first class Bios plan and professional Intel developing team, it supports one key to start dual OS to make both office and recreation come true. The genuine Windows 10 OS brings more efficient, familiar business experience to support Office software and EXE program,while the Android 5.1 has provided more abundant games, entertainment needs, and it is built in deep optimization,and better ROM for Onda.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点

Upgrade 4: Screen more 50%  clearly,  retinal level 8.9-inch Utral HD IPS screen



Onda V891w CH carrying Samsung original 8.9-inch view-all hard IPS screen, up to 1920 x 1200 resolution,up to 255 PPI, brings more 50% clearly than the other same large tablet pc. 16:10 screen ratio makes office work, game playing, movie watching, etc more real and vivid. The visual angle is up to 178 degree and it reduces glare to make the color brighter.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点

Upgrade 5:  Light, Thin, Fashion Design,  the bionic comfortable fingerprint hold feeling

Onda V891w CH appearance design is very fashion, using bionic fingerprint type design on the back, coated with a layer of matte in the last layer of PU, producing excellent touch experience. At the same time, the built-in professional level O-BOX sound cavity which is created by Onda and well-known acoustic laboratory, makes the speaker show its real existence significance, enables external sound surrounding, stereo sound effect is more outstanding, loud and fully clear.

昂达V891w CH性能屏幕六大升级盘点



Upgrade 6:   configuration and function Richer, 2GB RAM 32GB ROM

Onda V891W CH used the top configuration in the current low price tablet pcs,  RAM 2GB 64 bits running memory enables the lower power consumption to run faster. 32GB EMMC ROM can read the speed up to 150MB/S, more stable and faster. In addition, dual camera, Buletooth 4.0, WiDi a wireless connection, 4k video decoding broadcast, 128gb TF card expansion has been applied to this tablet pc completely.



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