Onda V96 Remix OS 2.0 Tablet PC Design, Hardware,OS, Battery, Function Review


Onda has released Onda V96 tablet PC before, right now they have updated this tablet pc to Remix OS 2.0 version, Onda V96 Remix OS 2.0 Tablet PC will be cheapest Octa core Remix OS 2.0 tablet pc on the current market.  So we would like to introduce the new features of Onda V96 Remix OS 2.0.




Onda V96 Remix OS 2.0 comes with 9.6inch ultra clear IPS screen with  1280 x 800 (WXGA) screen resolution, and it has 16:10 screen to body ratio for better reading. When we play games, watch videos, read e-books, the image details can be shown very clearly and vividly. Meanwhile, 16:10 screen to body ratio will be more proper for visual experience and convenience. It has 178 degree wide viewing angle to reduce glare light and make the screen color brighter.



Onda V96 Remix 2.0 Tablet PC choose to be powered by 2.0GHz octa-core Allwinner A83T processor with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM instead of MTK6580 Quad core processor, it has improved its performance much than before. Octa core tablet pc can run faster than quad core ones. This new version has kept balance between power consumption and overheating problems. So we can do multi-tasking, playing large games and running more apps without stuck. It’s a little pity that it only has RAM 1GB, but for this cheap price, it’s reasonable to use this kind of storage.



This Remix 2.0 Tablet PC has been built in 4500mAh battery, which can be used at least one day for daily use. But if we often use it for playing games, we have to charge it every day. Anyway, this battery can meet our daily use to watch and play. You can have a try to test.



Onda V96 Remix 2.0 OS tablet pc doesn’t use Mediatek chipset this time but to upgrade to Remix 2.0 OS. It can make you enjoy the best experience of the combination of Android and Windows OS. Of course, the latest UI will bring more easy operation and convenience. By the way, have you used Remix OS before?



Onda V96 Remix OS 2.0 also has some nice features we need to experience. It has dual camera with 2MP back camera and 0.3MP front camera which can support video recording and pictures taking, but it doesn’t support 3G phone calling which makes us a little unhappy. In addition, it has GPS function to make us not lost during traveling. It is built-in stereo speakers and microphone to let us enjoy music well.  If you want to know more, you can enjoy by yourselves.


We are most satisfied with Onda V96 Remix 2.0 OS Octa core processor, Remix OS 2.0, 4500mAh battery and dual camera, but this version doesn’t support 3G network, if you want 3G network, you can choose Onda V96 3G version. Right now Onda V96 Remix 2.0 OS starts to sell at $123.69. So which one will you choose?


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