One Minute Explainer Videos Help SEO


Explanatory videos help with SEO. Nowadays, there are many methods that you can use to get constant traffic to your website. Whether it’s paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, or whatever.

All of these methods can be effective and profitable, but only one of them will be free in the long run if done correctly.

The traffic you get through SEO is fundamentally different from the traffic you get through ads. The target group is already looking for you or your service and is therefore ready to buy.

One way to improve your Google rankings and increase organic traffic is to include a 1 minute explainer video by Explain Ninja on your website.

Explanatory videos can be created by yourself, or they can be created by a video agency. Explanatory videos are becoming more and more popular, which is why there are more and more agencies specializing in the development of such videos.

How can explainer videos help improve your SEO rankings? We will introduce you to the essential elements.

Videos in search results

YouTube is a trademark of Google. Because of this, Google also shows YouTube videos in search results for many searches. You can kill two birds with one stone if you shoot videos and optimize them for YouTube. To increase your clickthrough rate, you can create especially creative videos and thumbnails to keep users interested in the video.

Longer residence time

People tend to watch the video to the end when the videos are short. Explanatory videos are usually no more than 23 minutes long and get to the point quickly, so they are usually watched to the end, signaling to Google that the video makes sense and the website associated with it is uptodate and rewards it with a higher rank.

Best social signals

Explanatory videos do not need to be posted on the website. Share the video on all social networks in which you are active. This not only increases the reach of the video, but also improves social signals. Google and other search engines have already confirmed that social signals are a ranking factor. If you publish videos on many platforms and they are well received, Google will perceive you as an authority.

More potential backlinks

To get a lot of good backlinks, you need to create good content that people will be happy to share on your sites. Explanatory videos are a great way to get those backlinks because this type of video is perfect for presenting facts or statistics.

The entertaining video design also encourages you to share the video and add a link to your website.

Subtitles add more keywords

There are many reasons for using subtitles in your videos. On the one hand, subtitles ensure that the video can be seen by people who are currently on the Internet in silent mode. (This is often the case on social media platforms).

On the other hand, crawlers can read the words in the subtitles, and if the subtitles are supplied with suitable keywords, the website can be hosted for more keywords.

Use structured data for videos

Structured data is becoming more and more important in the SEO world. Google also recommends using structured data for your own videos.

Don’t forget the technical details

When posting the explanatory video, be sure to add the technical elements of the video so that search engine crawlers can correctly classify and correlate the videos. You should fill in these elements:

  • Video title (shows search engines what the video is about)
  • Video sitemap (you have to create your own video sitemap on your website and submit it to google)
  • HTML markup (for structured data)
  • Video description (for a more detailed description of the content)
  • Make sure the videos are familyfriendly and do not violate Google or YouTube policies. It goes without saying that discriminatory, controversial or aggressive videos are inappropriate and undesirable.

Even boredom should not be, otherwise the bounce rate increases in the explanatory video. You can order the creation of an expainer or consult here:


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