OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones Review: Active Noise Cancelling (coupon deal) (Ending date 15/05/2020 23:59BST)


The OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones shut back, commotion dropping, remote earphones with a reinforcement wired association. It passes on astonishing bass and feels incredible too. Near to its flexible and versatile highlights, it is one amazing performing pair.

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones Design

outfitted with colossal 50-millimeter speaker unit drivers. It has neodymium magnets. The massive driver and these magnets join to pass on clear solid and notable bass. Likewise, it is getting ready for passing on clear vocal close by new high tones from a perfect greeting fi sound source. They are organize in a manner to especially screen the solace and commotion separation of these sets. Furthermore, the cherry on the top is its flexible band. In this manner, you can esteem long social affairs without feeling torment in your ears.

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones Features

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones Active Noise Cancelling Technology stifles outside commotion, forestalling your music, webcasts, and book recordings from being destroyed by the outside world, particularly on planes, trains and city avenues – You can concentrate on your what makes a difference most. Mind-boggling Sound Quality  Custom 40mm Large-gap Drivers offer clear. The normal, and adjust sound quality that is better than average for most music types, a powerful stable that flawlessly offsets lucidity with the perfect measure of bass.

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones QCC3003-CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip items by CSR. Its essential advantages are improved speed and more noteworthy range to ensure you’re getting the most steady association. An inherent CVC 8.0 mouthpiece ensures without hands brings an intelligible voice. Overhauled Soft Ear Cushions – 90° Swiveling over-ear cushions use hello there grade adaptable foam pad for a definitive in comfort and long life. At the point when you’re prepares to give them a rest essentially crease them in the movement case, which because of the compact plan.

OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones

An implicit 750mAh battery and Fast Charge – Outstanding 40-hour battery life will keep going you numerous long stretches of sound playback. As long as 25-hours of recess in Bluetooth ANC mode.


OneOdio Bluetooth Headphones is best and Just take 5 minutes to quickly charge and get 2 hours of playback. The commotion wiping out capacity can function admirably both in wire and remote mode. you can easily buy this from Amazon at  £37.79. to get the price use the  Discount code ONEODIOA10 

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