OneOdio Monitor 80: We review this fantastic 250 Ohm Open Back Headphones and you must check them if you think yourself as a audiophil!


OneOdio is a company that has managed to combine it’s name with good quality headphones or earphones and listening to real music. Before some days we reviewed the OneOdio Monitor 60, a flagship headphone for audiophil with mic, wired,so there is no loss in the quality of sound and now we are going to review the OneOdio Monitor 80, an other wired flagship from the company, again for audiophil and people that know how to listen to music, but with no mic this time. So lets check them….

OneOdio Monitor 80 came to me with post with no problem with customs, like all headphones/earphones I have got from OneOdio. The package was a big black box, with the logo of the company at the top left corner, the sign of Hi-Res AUDIO at the top right corner and the name of the earphones. The earphones are the first opit in the category of Open Back Headphones and this is marked on the box. At the side you can find some info about the earphones, as and at the back. At the back you will find also info of what to expect inside the package.

Opening the package, will find inside a hard case and a manual.

Opening the hard case, inside will find apart from the OneOdio Monitor 80 and two cables. OneOdio Monitor 80 are Hi-Res audio certified, a reliable companion for mastering, mixing, or tracking. As I told you, Monitor 80 are the first open-back headphones from OneOdio, so think it as a ground-breaking innovation of the Monitor series.

The two cables that we find inside the hard case have the following characteristics:

  • Cable 1: 3.5mm to 6.35mm coiled cable (1.5M-3M)
  • Cable 2: 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (3M)

The Monitor 80 deliver a more stable, solid, and powerful sound with their design and features. Headphones can be directly connected to home studio and Hi-Res audio devices, and perform well in the reproduction of instrument detail. The OneOdio Monitor 80 feature a 40mm driver. The advanced high-precision etched diaphragms are protected by aluminum honeycomb housing. Crafted open-back design reduces distortion and outputs accurate and full-range pure sonic. The ear sponge that have are really fantastic! Soft, from velvet, you can wear them for hours and feel no pain or problem while using them. At the same time, they leave no heat and there is enough space for ventilation.

The OneOdio Monitor 80 Headphones can be found only in black color. The driver as I told you is of 40mm, the impedance is 250Ω, the have 100dB±3dB sensitivity, their frequency Response is between 10Hz – 40KHz and their distortion is ≤1%.

Check and my video review to see them live how they look. Unfortunatelly I don’t have how to show you the quality of sound, but it is fantastic! Don’t forget to like and share my video as and to join my YouTube Channel.

If you know how to listen to music, if you think your self as a audiophil, then the OneOdio Monitor 80 are the headphones that you are searching.You can find them at the OneOdio store for less of 100$ or at their Aliexpress store a little bit higher.

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