OnePlus 11 New Edition: With Large Memory Version


According to today’s news, OnePlus 11 will be officially released next week. Unlike competing products, OnePlus 11 cut off the 8GB memory version this time and started directly with 12GB memory. The starting price is 3999 yuan (12GB+256GB), which is very competitive in the same gear.

OnePlus product manager Zhou Bingxun pointed out that when OnePlus launched 16G memory for the first time, the sales share of 16G memory exceeded 12G in an all-around way, occupying the absolute mainstream. This shows that users who choose OnePlus will choose the large memory that can be selected at that time, and OnePlus users like large memory.

This is also the mainstream situation I see at present for single-plus 11 users. There are many friends who choose 16+512G and 16+256G, and everyone likes large memory.

As the flagship of the year, OnePlus 11 not only has a super large memory but also launched three core technologies to solve the freeze problem of Android phones. These three technologies are as follows:

The first is the “instantaneous bandwidth” technology, which increases the amount of data captured in nanoseconds by a full 16 times and greatly improves memory access efficiency.

The second is the “asynchronous memory” technology, which reconstructs the original Android queuing serial memory scheduling mechanism into a parallel one that can be performed simultaneously, which greatly improves the efficiency of memory recovery.

Finally, “apply preloading technology”, through the ability to reconstruct the bottom layer of memory and AI, allocate memory more reasonably and greatly improve the efficiency of memory allocation.

OnePlus Li Jie pointed out that these three technologies have respectively solved the problems of “low efficiency of memory access”, “low efficiency of memory recycling”, and “low efficiency of memory allocation”. The system resource utilization rate and memory capacity have been greatly increased, thus realizing the revolutionary “Android phone does not freeze”.

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