Oneplus 11 Real Smartphone Leaked with Rear Three Camera


Oneplus will launch the new OnePlus 11 at 14:30 tomorrow (January 4th) and hold a global launch event on February 7th. Now the real image of the new OnePlus 11 has been revealed.

While OnePlus has released official renderings of the OnePlus 11, these actual shots show off the phone’s bright color scheme from every Angle. The photos, provided by Weibo user @Masked Bruce, appear to have been taken in a retail store.

Meanwhile, OnePlus official today revealed some more details about the phone’s Hasselblad adjustment camera, the new phone features IMX890 outsole main camera + 4800W IMX581 ultra wide angle macro lens + 2x professional portrait lens IMX709, and the official also said that the value of Hasselblad natural color optimization, OnePlus 11 is equipped with a 13-channel multispectral sensor, the most luxurious multispectral sensor on mobile phones, which is the sensor with the most color acquisition channels on mobile phones at present. It can accurately calculate the proportion of various spectra in the photographed ambient light, and then carry out scientific and accurate restoration, so as to make the color performance more accurate and moving. In addition, the new machine also uses RAW domain lossless computing technology, shooting automatically partial lossless calculation, preserving the true color and details.

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According to previous information, OnePlus 11 is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, combined with UFS 4.0+LPDDR5X memory combination, equipped with over 600mm³ volume of bionic vibration motor, offering “endless black” and “instant green” two color matching. OnePlus 11 weighs 205g and has a 163.1 x 74.1 x 8.53mm body size, a 6.7-inch 3216 x 1440 resolution AMOLED screen and a 16-megapixel front-facing camera.


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