Oneplus 3 6.1inch New Edition First Come Out in GFXBench


Oneplus 3 as the latest flagship smartphone of Oneplus is quite popular recently. It’s said that it will be from Oneplus, although there is no model name. But in view of its specs, it keeps same as Oneplus 3, such as RAM 6GB ROM 64GB, 8MP front and 16MP back camera, and supporting NFC, Android6.0 OS.

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Although the screen has been improved, it still becomes 1080P screen resolution which makes us a little disappointed. But it’s still to be confirmed from Oneplus. Because its CEO has emphasized Oneplus only released one smartphone every year. And Oneplus has also denied that they will not release Oneplus 3 red and green version. So 6.1inch new smartphone will be considered real or not?

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So as for Oneplus 6.1inch smartphone, let’s wait and see what Oneplus officially response us. Do you want your smartphone to have 6.1inch screen size?



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