Oneplus 3 Dash Quick Charger Unboxing Review


Oneplus 3 has been released on June 15 in China, which is the annual flagship smartphone in its performance. And it has also announced the new technology, DASH Quick charge which has attracted most customers. So what’s dash quick charge? How fast can it charge a phone? Will it better than QC3.0?

The Dash Flash Charge is the combination of VOOC technology and USB Type C, it is customized by power adapter and USB cable to achieve 5V/4A low press quick charge, it not only has higher charging fast, but also support quick charging to play when charging, in general, we buy the quick charger on the market which can only support quick charging while screen is off, or it can’t perform well when screen is on in quick charge function.


So how powerful is the Dash Quick charge technology? Car charger with Dash charge has no difference with other car chargers in design, but it has a silver Logo on the top with antiskid processing design, when using, it has a circle of blue light around.

When we look carefully, then we know the difference with other common car chargers, the model number is DC018, 12V/24V-2.5A input, supporting common 5V/2A output and DASH Quick charge 3.4V~5V-2A output.


When you buy the car charger, you can also get a free USB cable, one port is Type-A input, the other is Type-C output, and the white with red color is the usual style of Oneplus.


Oneplus 3 power adapter has piano lacquer effect with smooth design.


The power adapter model is HK0504, supporting 5V/4A output, DASH quick charger and VOOC quick charge both adopt low voltage large current output.

Here is the package of Dash quick charger.



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