Oneplus 3 Giveaway, Review Before Release Conference


We have got much information about Oneplus 3 which is said to release in June. But we don’t know if it’s true about the release date leaked.Recently, Oneplus has recruited Oneplus 3 testing user for limited 30 users. And it will be delivered on June 13 to June 20. So does it mean Oneplus 3 will announce after June 20, or will testing users experienced it in advanced before press conference?

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It’s said that Oneplus want to collect the real idea about Oneplus 3 in order to give users chance to experience first. You can see the activity rules that it is also open all not only overseas users but also Chinese users. Now there are more than 5,000 users to catch this Oneplus 3 limited 30 units. Only 6 days left for signing up, What are you waiting for?


It’s a little pity that Oneplus 3 will be returned back after testing. But if you are interested in it, why not have  a try to experience first? Click Oneplus 3 Review participation here.


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