OnePlus 3 Latest Real Photos Leaked


Chinese smartphones brands seem become more and more various. Some of them attach great importance to its design, some promote its special function or configurations. Oneplus has leaked the real photos about the next flagship phone, Oneplus 3. So they will also hold the press conference soon. But from the photos, it looks like HTC M7 in terms of the top design, and the over physical home button is nearly  as similar as Meizu Meilan series.


We can also look the Oneplus Logo on the front, elliptic Home button. We hope it will have fingerprint scanner like other models. As for its back, the camera is a little outside of the back design. We don’t know if Oneplus will bring more surprise on its dual camera.  In addition, Oneplus 3 comes with its USB Type C and put the earphone jack to the bottom.  From the side of the phone, we can see the arc design, especially on the back. And oneplus 3 will not be so heavy which will be good for 2.5D Arc design.



It’s rumored that Oneplus 3 will have 5.5inch 1080p Super AMOLED screen, powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM and 6GB RAM 64GB ROM, as for its dual camera, it is quite enough to take nice pictures because it has 8MP front and 16mp back camera. Of course, Oneplus 3 runs its own OS Oxygen 2.0 operating system based on Android6.0 OS.  It will be possibly released by the end of this month. Just guess if it will sell at 1999 yuan and 2499 yuan. And will it beat Xiaomi Max?


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