Oneplus 3 Unboxing, CPU, Antutu, OS, Camera, Battery Review


Oneplus produced its smartphones attaching great importance to phone’s quality and performance.Now they have claimed they only produced flagship smartphone,  Oneplus 3 RAM 6GB version.  Oneplus held the press conference about Oneplus 3 in the theme of fastness including Snapdragon 820 processor, DASH fast charging, shooting fast,etc. In addition, they have upgraded the Hydrogen OS to improve the speed for apps running and other applications. Let’s check this Oneplus 3 together.



Oneplus 3 offers only RAM 6GB version for two colors, so we don’t have to choose difficultly, When we hold it, it feels very exquisite and smooth, which is quite different from other two Oneplus smartphone. Oneplus seems to take the way like Apple and Samsung to provide only nice flagship smartphones for users.It uses all metal unibody and novel design with the Home button once again to support fingerprint ID. It has also changed in the other buttons, Volume button has moved to the left of the body, there is three-step not disturbing keys on the volume button, power button on the right.


Oneplus 3 comes with 5.5inch 1080P AMOLED screen, its pixel density up to 401PPI to show very clear and vivid. It has 2.5D curved glass from Corning Glass 4 with anti-scrape, wear-resisting. Above the screen from right to left is the receiver, light sensor, 8MP front camera and hidden breathing lamp for notifications.


We know Oneplus 1, Oneplus 2 both supports case cover changing, but Oneplus 3 has changed its design with metal body making the performance. And it still comes with some customized back cover for your options.
It uses three-step design with 7.3mm thickness, slim to 4mm. There is Oneplus logo on the back, then flashlight and 16MP camera which show very smooth and nice craftsmanship. The overall grip feeling is quite good.
Oneplus 3 supports dual sim card, dual standby, SIM card is above the volume button, it’s worthwhile to know Oneplus 3 didn’t support SD card for expension. Because it has RAM 6GB and ROM 64GB. For most users, it’s enough to store the files we want.
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Oneplus 3 is a flagship smartphone powered by Snapdragon 820 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB ROM 64GB which makes it enjoy the top performance and experience.  As you know, there are only some smartphone powered by Snapdragon 820 CPU, like Xiaomi MI5, Letv LeEco Max 2, Lenovo ZUK Z2, etc. We can test the Antutu, it shows 14,2114 scores to kill other Snapdragon 820 smartphone. After all, there are few smartphones with RAM 6GB now.

According to its camera, we have felt it has been improved obviously, both in software and hardware, such as the opening speed under the state of locking screen, autofocus and picture taking which have been enhanced in its speed by DSP high-performance technology. We can see some samples about camera, clarity and white balance accuracy are our first impression. It has proved nice quality by 16MP camera. Under the macro performance,  by amplifying it is not hard to see the color of resolving power with good performance.



When we see the shadow details, it’s not hard to find the shadow part looks brighter which can show real color itself. About oneplus 3 camera effect, we will report more in the near future.


Hydrogen OS and Dash Quick Charge
Oneplus 3 runs Hydrogen OS, compared with other versions, there is no big difference. But Oneplus 3 has added some new features to make this OS operate more conveniently and easily.
Oneplus 3 has emphasized its Dash quick charge function based on VOOC plan, they added USB Type C port to speed up transmission based on charging fast itself. It shows Oneplus 3 provides us with the best quality.  Compared with other main smartphones on the market now, Oneplus 3 can charge fastest before people need to charge urgently in 40 minutes. Oneplus 3 can charge 80% in 40 minutes. So when you got it, please don’t forget to share with us. It has 3000mAh battery which makes us a little disappointed, but it can support 6 hour playing for mid-range use. So for some users, it’s good enough.
Oneplus doesn’t change its plan and strategy to provide more cheap and more versions for users, but only focus on the flagship smartphone. Oneplus 3 can be the best example, we can believe oneplus 3 provides us with the ultimate experience for entertainment and daily use. We don’t have to feel difficult to choose a smartphone. right now only RAM 6GB version available. So what do you think of this Oneplus 3?

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