Oneplus 3 ZWILLING Metal Soap Invitation Letter Exposed


Oneplus 3 will announce on June 15 in Shenzhen, China. We have much expectation about Oneplus 3, and it has got great success about presale before in 2,999 yuan. Right now they have been sold out soon. So we have to wait more details about Oneplus 3 on June 15. It’s very interesting that Oneplus 3 announcement conference exposed the invitation card with a soap giveaway again, but this time it has changed ZWILLING brand metal soap. We have to think back about that soap in Oneplus one.


This is a not a real common soap, but a ZWILLING stainless steel soap made of metal with excellent hand holding experience. It is golden adopting nanometer technology processing, combining positive and negative ions to remove a variety of odors, even armpits, which belongs to the environmental protection product.So we can consider it as the black technology in soap until now.



So what’s the relationship between Oneplus 3 and Metal Soap? So mysterious! And Oneplus also said Oneplus 3 will take metal body with nice quality and hand feeling. Compared with products with same level, what will Oneplus 3 bring us new this time?


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