Oneplus 5 New Renderings Unveil : Look Like Xiaomi MI6


Most mid-range and high-end Chinese smartphones are powered by Snapdragon 660 or Snapdragon 630 processor, but Snapdragon 835 processor as top one of Qualcomm has been only used on Xiaomi MI6, it is said that Oneplus 5, Nubia Z17 which are flagship smartphones. And they will also use Snapdragon 835 processor probably.

Previously, we have seen many renderings, prototype of Oneplus 5, we can almost confirm that its back camera adopts dual rear ones in the middle of the phone aligned vertically. There are antenna lines obviously. We have to say this kind of design is also common now.

Right now a netizen has also shown a real photo of Oneplus 5 on Weibo, the back camera has different design, dual rear camera are designed in paralleled top left of the phone, the LED flash light is besides the edges, which looks like Xiaomi MI6 a lot.

Although currently most smartphones use glass design, Oneplus 5 still adopts metal body, but this time two antenna line is put around the body edge, adding the black body, It looks more stereo. Therefore, for a high-end flagship, there will be different kinds of prototypes during development, so which version will you want to be Oneplus 5 design.


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