Oneplus 5 VS Huawei P10 Smartphone Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Oneplus 5 is the flagship killer for most other brands, the highlights is to use Snapdragon 835 processor, dual rear camera, and competitive price. Although Oneplus 5 is quite excellent, it needs to compete with other smartphones such as Huawei P10, Xiaomi MI6, Huawei Honor 9, Nubia Z17, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. Today we will compare Oneplus 5 with Huawei P10 smartphone to let you which one is to choose better?

Compare Oneplus 5 with Huawei P10 Specs Here


In design, Oneplus 5 and Huawei P10 both adopt metal body, and it uses fingerprint scanner on the front, they both have ripe design, the main difference is in the size, back and mid-frame line, colors, etc. Let’s see their difference as follow.

Oneplus 5 has added some innovative elements such as golden curved waist line, it has quite comfortable hold feeling. Oneplus 5 adopts 2.5D curved glass,ultra-thin bezel, under the screen it has solid fingerprint scanner on  its home button, on the back, it uses hidden U type antenna design similar to OPPO R11/Iphone 7 plus, even same as the place of their logos. The shortage of Oneplus 5 is in the color, it only has black and grey two colors.

Huawei P10 has ripe design, too, it provides rich colors such as green, blue, golden, ceramic white, black, rose golden, etc. The golden and blue back cover has added metal diamond craftsmanship, which has high craftsmanship.

Huawei P10 uses 2.5D curved glass, ultra-thin bezel and semi-circular fingerprint scanner on its home button, on the back, it has simple back cover, equipped with hidden U type style antenna line, and sleek cutting edges, Leica dual rear camera, which has quite high beauty.

According to design comparison, Huawei P10 has ripe design, and rich color, which is very beautiful, but Oneplus 5 is more a lookalike of Oppo R11, iPhone 7 Plus, and it has improved its holding feeling, which is also excellent in its beauty. But it may be lack of innovation in design and colors.




Oneplus 5 and Huawei P10 both use their own latest flagship flagship. Snapdragon 835 SoC belongs to high-end SoC of this year, in performance, it will be stronger than Kirin 960. As for how big gap, let’s see their analysis.

Snapdragon 835 vs Kirin 960 Processor

In terms of specs, Snapdragon 835 processor uses 10nm process, compared with Kirin 960 with 16nm process, 10nm is more advanced. Its advanced craftsmanship will bring lower power consumption and smaller heat issue. Therefore, in theory about power consumption, Kirin 960 may fall behind a little.

Snapdragon 835 VS Kirin 960

As for CPU and GPU, let’s see Oneplus 5 and Huawei P10 Antutu test.

Oneplus 5 vs Huawei P10 Plus Antutu

In terms of Antutu test scores, Oneplus 5 has got over 180,000 points, but Huawei P10 only has got over 140,000 points, the higher performance means higher antutu score in theory.

In addition, Oneplus 5 has RAM 6GB/8GB, UFS 2.1 flash storage, but Huawei P10 only has RAM 4GB, using EMMC5.1 and USF2.1, therefore, Oneplus 5 has higher specs and faster speed.

In general, Huawei P10 has no big gap away from Oneplus 5, when we play popular games, we can not feel much gap, only different in large games. For example, Oneplus 5 has higher frame rate than Huawei P10.


Oneplus 5 adopts 16MP front camera and 16MP+20MP dual rear camera, while Huawei P10 has only 8MP front camera and 20MP+12MP dual rear camera, in terms of camera specs, Oneplus 5 has its advantages, but considering Oneplus 5 using dual rear camera first time, it is not so mature in optimization, but Huawei P10 uses the third-gen dual rear technology, and Leica adjustment, it will has more entertainment in camera.


Oneplus 5 runs Hydrogen OS 3.5 based on Android7.1 OS, but Huawei P10 runs EMUI 5.1 OS based on Android7.0 OS, the former one aims at simplicity, but it is not as ripe as EMUI OS. EMUI 5.1 adds AI optimization, which claims 500 days without stuck and it has added chipset-level safety, in experience, EMUI 5.1 is more ripe, and it has faster updating speed, and more improved functions.


Oneplus 5 is built in 3,300mAh battery, Huawei P10 is built in 3,200mAh battery, due to smaller screen of Huawei P10, they have no big gap in battery capacity. So Huawei P10 will have better battery life.


Oneplus 5 supports global 4G LTE network, Huawei P10 adopts Netcom, in terms of network frequency, Oneplus 5 will be better, which can be used around the world.


In general, Oneplus 5 and Huawei P10 are both nice Chinese flagship smartphone, they have no big gap in experience, but two smartphones have their own features and difference, we can choose according to our hobby and budget. Oneplus 5 will have better hardware performance and more competitive price, but Huawei P10 is better in design and OS, which one will you choose finally?


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