Oneplus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Quick Charge Speed Review


At Oneplus 5 press conference, Lau Zuohu, Oneplus CEO claims that under same condition to charge the phone with screen on, and same charging time, Oneplus 5 can charge about 40%, but other brands can only charge 10%.

In order to show its own charging speed, Oneplus official has uploaded a charging test between Oneplus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8, testing in 30 minutes, in terms of the test, we can see two products start to charge after low power to power off. In 15th minutes, Oneplus 5 charges 29%, about 957mAh capacity, but Samsung Galaxy S8 charges 20% about 600mAh capacity.

After 30 minutes, they have big gap, Oneplus 5 charges 58%, about 1914mAh capacity, but Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges 39%, about 1170mAh capacity.

In terms of two smartphones’ charging capacity,  we can see in the first 30 minutes, they both increases in linear growth, but Oneplus 5 charging capacity is 300mAh more than Samsung Galaxy S8,  after 30 minutes, Oneplus 5 has more 744mAh charging capacity than Samsung galaxy S8, thanks to Oneplus 5V/4A Dash quick charge, and Samsung Galaxy S8 only support QC2.0 quick charge, up to 9V/1.67A power rate, besides, Samsung has limited Galaxy S8 charging power rate which may be the reason to cause this kind of gap.

Right now we can witness although Oneplus 5 this time doesn’t use big battery, the quick charge speed still can be ahead of Samsung Galaxy S8. Check the video to watch here.


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