OnePlus 5G Phone Exposure: Equipped With Snapdragon 8150


At the One-Plus 6T Overseas conference at the end of October, Qualcomm personnel also cheered on the scene. Qualcomm said that in terms of 5G mobile phones, it will have an important cooperation with Jiajia. In addition, OnePlus in the interview with the US media CNET said that because OnePlus 7 cannot provide a 5G network, one plus will open another production line, launch a special 5G mobile phone.

Recently, the news about a OnePlus 5G mobile phone was further exposed, this time about the price. It is reported that the price of a plus 5G mobile phone in the United States is 650 US dollars, about 4513 yuan ($650.10), which is much more expensive than a Oneplus 6T. However, this is also very well understood, 5G mobile phone is still in its infancy, and the cost will be relatively high. When 4G mobile phones were just popularized, the 4G version is also more expensive than the 3G version.

On the processor side, if nothing unexpected, a 5G mobile phone will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8150. Although Qualcomm has not officially released the chip, its performance is very strong from the leaked parameter specifications and running points, and it is expected to become the strongest processor in the Android camp next year.

Of course, the first generation of 5G mobile phones still needs to implement 5G functions through the external 5G baseband. One plus 5G mobile phones should use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 chip. At the Qualcomm 5G summit not long ago, Qualcomm announced the list of the first batch of 5G terminal partners, one plus is one of them.

According to what we have already learned, if 5G is in China, it will start trial commercialization next year. We estimate that we can experience 5G network in the second half of next year. However, the official commercial use of 5G will have to wait until 2020, and it will take more time to achieve full popularity.

Because of this, the first batch of 5G mobile phones is more experimental, and manufacturers will not regard it as the main product. One plus another in addition to a Oneplus 7 to open a product line, this is also the reason. In other words, the premature push of 5G mobile phones is largely to enhance their brand value, and manufacturers do not expect much shipments from the first batch of 5G mobile phones.

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So, after the first batch of 5G mobile phones are listed, are you willing to pay for them in order to adopt the 5G network? When do you think it is appropriate to start a 5G mobile phone?

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