Oneplus 5T, Huawei P11, Huawei Mate 11 All Will Have 6 inch Screen


From next half year, 2017, bezel-less screen competition has started, whether budget phones or flagship phones, they will adopt full view display. After using it, smartphone will become more beautiful, under same size, full view screen will bring larger screen size, and it may bring smartphone screen size become bigger.

Currently, popular flagship smartphones use 5.2 inch to 5.5 inch, iPhone 8 has not very high screen to body ratio, it still uses 4.7 inch, but screen size is similar to those 5.2 inch android flagships. According to analyst, @Mocha RQ, VIVO X20, OPPO R11S, Oneplus 5T, and Huawei Mate 10 will all use 6 inch size, and VIVO X20 Plus will use 6.4 inch size, VIVO will release Xplay 7 by the end of  this year, it should use 6 inch size.

And in 2018, 5.2 inch flagship phone may not exist, all brands will use 5.5 inch to 6 inch or even over. Fox example, Huawei P11 screen will be up to 5.8 inch, Huawei P11 Plus, Mate 11, Mate 11 pro scree size will be up to 6 inch. Therefore, will you buy a phablet bezel-less phone next year?

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