OnePlus 5T Will Be Released In November 2017 This Could Be The With 6 “Screen with 18: 9 ratio


At the end of last year, specifically on November 15, OnePlus surprised its own and strangers launching a vitaminized version of its then-flagship. Now, as many expected, it seems that we are putting the same movement on the part of the brand, as well as revealing what would be the first image of the OnePlus 5T.

The OnePlus 5 has been selling well over the last four months, but it looks like a successor is already on the way. An anonymous source has just told that a new model, rumored to be called OnePlus 5T, will launch in November 2017. This is the same strategy OnePlus followed in 2016, releasing the OnePlus 3T in just five months after OnePlus 3.

At this time, we have only a few details on the next model. While the OnePlus 3T maintained a similar design and integrated several improvements inside the smartphone, it seems that the OnePlus 5T will follow the opposite strategy. The main novelty of this update would be on the screen, as the display would grow in size up to 6 inches with a resolution of 2160 x 1080p, so it would be a new terminal that joins the 18: 9 display format. Leading manufacturers, including Samsung or LG, have launched smartphones with the same display format this year, so it makes sense that OnePlus will join the fight with a new model. This is what the OnePlus 5T would look like on the first filtered image.

We can not deny that the phone seems to be inspired by the LG G6 in the front. The bezels are thin at the top and bottom and the 18: 9 aspect ratio is evident thanks to the design change present on the smartphone. In addition, the sides are curved, which would be a big change in the Chinese brand. Interestingly the render is identical to the recently filtered OPPO F5, but our source ensures that this is how the OnePlus 5T will look, at least from the front.

Although OnePlus has not yet confirmed the launch of a new model, there are indications that a new model could be on the way since the OnePlus 5 is already depleted in many countries. The Chinese media says that the source can be trusted since in the past it has already been ahead of some Chinese mobile phones launched, but for now we will have to wait to receive new clues from the brand. While OnePlus has not yet confirmed the release of a new model, there are indications that this could be so since the OnePlus 5 is depleted in many countries at this time.

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