Oneplus 5T with Full Screen Will Release in October


Currently, there are only three smartphones in China to use Snapdragon 835 processor, they are Xiaomi MI6, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17. Since Oneplus 5 was released, there is few news about Oneplus, but Xiaomi is planning new phones, such as Xiaomi MI Note 3 and Xiaomi MI MIX 2, which will aim at full screen, although Oneplus 5 has good feedback and sales, it will not beat Xiaomi MI Note 3 and Xiaomi MI MIX 2. But Oneplus also has its own strategy, last year Oneplus released the advanced version of Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T, and right now the new version, Oneplus 5T, the upgraded version of Oneplus 5 has also been unveiled, it will be released in the middle of October.

It is said that Oneplus 5T will use bezel-less design, but it will not remove the forehead or chin like Xiaomi MI MIX, and it will use same solution like that of Samsung Galaxy S8, narrowing the forehead and chin, the screen to body ratio will be similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S8.

As for specs, Oneplus 5T and Oneplus 5 will be similar, it will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 6GB internal storage, adopting 16MP front camera, but the back camera has changed to 16MP dual rear camera, black/white+color solution, improving taking photos at night.

This kind of news need to be proved according to its official, because Oneplus released Oneplus 3T to improve its processor and camera, this year, Oneplus 5 is great in specs and price, and it is only very similar to iphone 7 plus and OPPO R11 in design, which will be the one point that other users don’t like.

But Oneplus 5T uses full screen design, and higher processor, the price will be at least at 3,699 yuan, $600, So will you choose Oneplus 5 or Oneplus 5T?



  1. I am waiting for 5t or even 6… Waiting for better oled screen with better res…and better could to upgrade… The difference is not enough for me to upgrade. Just yet.

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