OnePlus 6 conceptualized design shows a slim profile with impressive features


The OnePlus 6 Concepts shows that it will be anticipated smartphones of the moment! Yes, I know, it is likely that this smartphone will only be introduced for next year, even so, dreaming has never hurt anyone.

The trend of designing phones without screen borders is becoming more and more popular nowadays and all smartphone makers are trying to launch their own smartphone models. Of course, a flagship-killer like OnePlus will not be out of the race. We are waiting for the next OnePlus generation, maybe OnePlus 6 will carry a “no-screen” design. In addition to the ultra-thin bezel, the OnePlus 6 design is also impressed by the slim body and sharp metal finish. You can admire the whole concept of this beautiful OnePlus 6 in the pictures below:

The concept image of the OnePlus 6 model, created by DBS Designing, shows the new design is impressive. The screen will be in the 18: 9 ratio and the resolution may as well be FHD+ to keep the price low., 6 inches in size with the edges around the four very thin, in the same way as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or LG G6 did. Based on the image, Other details we can make out from the renders include a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB Type-C port at the bottom and the screen area ratio on the front of the OnePlus 6 can be up to 90%, surpassing the world’s thinnest touchscreen phones like the Galaxy Note8, iPhone X or Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Configuring has never been a thing of the past for OnePlus phones. The OnePlus 6 will have the most powerful Qualcomm chip at the time of its release, most likely the Snapdragon 845, which comes with optional up to 8GB of RAM. The back of the camera will use a dual-camera vertical, 16MP resolution. OnePlus 5 does not yet have the camera as expected and this is a factor to upgrade on OnePlus 6,

Well, whatever the reason may be, OnePlus isn’t going to put such wealthy features in the 5T device as we see in this conceptualized video. If the company plans to, it’ll be the OnePlus 6 that will come with such strong specifications. Well, if the company plans to launch 5T, this conceptualized of OnePlus 6 seems to be doing the round of the internet pretty sooner.

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