Oneplus 6 Price Confirmed, Will You Have a Try?


Since Oneplus 5 was released in June, 2017, there is no news about Oneplus new phone now. But its renderings of Oneplus 6 has caused a lot of users’ attention.

From its renderings, its top and bottom have many poles, which are used to put earphone, sensor and other parts.It is very thin from the left and right, up to 90% screen to body ratio. So it will adopt bezel-less screen without any doubt. But its overall design will become more solid.

Recently, there is new news about Oneplus 6 phone, it will also adopt bezel-less screen, its design is similar to OPPO R11s, and it has a style of Samsung Galaxy S8.

As for camera, Oneplus 6 will use 19MP Dual back camera, and 16MP front camera, and it has come with Iris sensor. It will adopt Snapdragon 845 processor, RAM 8GB. About the price, Oneplus 6 will sell at 3,299 yuan, $600. When we see this kind of good price, will you wanna try next year? By the way, you can try Oneplus 5 sat the discount price, $472.99, only 123 units left. Therefore, if you want to catch Oneplus early, you can buy Oneplus 5, but if you are into bezel-less phone and higher specs, you can wait for Oneplus 6.


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