OnePlus 6 Vs iPhone X- A Comparison of Camera Ability 


Yesterday we added Oneplus 6 and iPhone X with a real shot to the showdown and the result is obvious. Today, we again put both phones to a night showdown.  If you want to know what the performance is like, then you should check out this camera shootout. So let’s take a look at who is stronger in the end.

Night shot from the first set of the close-range effect of contrast on the left view of Oneplus 6 control better on noise, the whole picture is also cleaner than the iPhone X, and you can see in the dark color of the sky In this respect, the sample of the iPhone X is a dark one. However, the addition of Oneplus 6 on the control of the exposure is obviously not as good as that of the iPhone X. From the comparison chart, you can see that the iPhone X is handled very well in the highlighted part, and Oneplus 6 is too bright.

This set of comparison chart to open the flash, you can see Oneplus 6 in terms of clarity to better, the distant sky shot out the back of the tree may seem to smear together, but also a lot of noise, But to be able to see the color, the color of the grass is deeper than that of the iPhone X. The tree presented by the iPhone X’s sample can only basically see the outlines, and the grass on the ground also appears to be withered.

is still the same scene, but the lights of the back of the house are all turned on. This time, we can see a clear difference between the samples of both Smartphones. The performance of iPhone X this time is much better than Oneplus 6. Although the color of the sky is not as deep as Oneplus 6, it is much better to control the noise of the trees than to add one to Oneplus 6.

difference between the set comparison chart sparring is reflected in the exposure, the highlighted portion Oneplus 6too bright, the ambient light gave cover, around the light on blooming also appeared, and the iPhone X is better at exposure processing, and the smudge control is much better than the OnePlus 6. And the word on the back wall is also more clearly presented on the iPhone X.

look at the last set of comparison chart, which is taken during the evening. You can clearly feel that the sample of iPhone X should be brighter. The colors of the vision sky and houses are more beautiful than those Oneplus Smartphones. The lawn part of the iPhone X is more vibrant and the colors are bright. The path along the side is also very clear. Whether in detail or in color, the iPhone X is more effective.

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