OnePlus 6 Vs OnePlus 5, What Has Changed? And OnePlus 5 Is Still A Good Smartphone Today


The OnePlus 6 is already a reality. The best top-of-the-range value for money has just been presented, and it comes to take down all its rivals, such as the Huawei P20 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, and Google’s own Pixel 2 XL. Obviously, a product at a price of $611 has its limitations, but it is a winning number, taking into account the incredible hardware it has.

So you have the opportunity to adopt a larger display and a rear mounted-fingerprint sensor, as well as updated specifications and new configuration options for a new form factor. One more year, we have to compare how much the new model has changed compared to the previous one, so we are going to see the differences between OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 6, two terminals that are similar and different at the same time and considering whether OnePlus 5 is still a good Smartphone today, is it worth upgrading? We are here to help you make a decision.

Which Things That Are same In Both Phones

OnePlus integrates seamlessly with the features and experience of its cell phone from generation to generation. Starting with OnePlus 5, the core content of OnePlus 6 has not changed a lot. In common places, you will find the same combination of buttons, as well as a set of common ports at the bottom including the headphone jack. USB Type-C port and the internal battery is even the same 3300mAh capacity. You can find the same 6GB and 8GB RAM memory options, as well as the same 64GB internal storage (128GB optional)  – but OnePlus 6 also has a new 256GB.

The experience of using these phones is not very different, especially in terms of software and performance.

OnePlus’s consistency is particularly good in software, where the difference in OxygenOS on new phones is very small and is not available to OnePlus 5 in an updated or at least unreleased beta version. With the exception of a few minor changes, OnePlus has been very good at keeping OxygenOS similar between phones, so you don’t have to miss any new features because you don’t get new phones. OnePlus 5 can easily perform a new round of major software updates in the future.

Yes, the new Snapdragon 845 is more powerful, but the Snapdragon 835 is still a good platform. The OnePlus 6 has some minor improvements, especially in the power consumption of the processor itself, but this little impact on the new generation of processors does not in itself prove that the OnePlus 5 can still perform well today.

What Are the Differences Between Both

Although the core of these mobile phones is not much different, there are still some improvements from one year of development, design, and technological progress. The biggest difference is in design – the transition from metal to glass can change the look and feel of the phone, and I think OnePlus 6 is more modern in both respects.

There is a comprehensive improvement in hardware and design, as well as a promising new camera.

The new design also made considerable changes to the screen. The 6.3-inch screen has a 19:9 ratio. Use with a smaller border to get a bigger screen. Yes, there is a groove on the top of the monitor, but on the OnePlus 5, there is a large frame on both ends, and there is a blind spot on both sides of the front fingerprint sensor – this is a positive move.

Compared with OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6 does not show dramatic improvements in most aspects, but it is even better in key areas. If you can sell old equipment and spend hundreds of dollars on new phones, if you like OnePlus phones, choice of  Oneplus 6 is definitely a wise choice.

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