OnePlus 7: 3D Floating Screen, 4500 mAh, Rear 48 Megapixel Pricing Conscience


After entering 2019, with the Samsung S10 released by Samsung mobile phone, the first shot of the arrival of 5G mobile phone, which is the arrival of Samsung S10, has made many consumers react. The original 5G network era has arrived. There are a lot of mobile phone brands that have released 5G mobile phones, and as a domestic black horse brand, OnePlus 7 will naturally launch 5G mobile phones. Those who know a plus mobile phone know that one plus mobile phone has no middle-end machine, anyone plus one Mobile phone are flagship machines, that is to say, one plus only flagship machine. Recently, some media have exposed a part of the parameters and rendering data of OnePlus 7, I will take you to understand.      OnePlus 7 stunning strikes, from the current exposure of the renderings and information, OnePlus 7 will use a full-screen design. In this era of the comprehensive screen, the design has become the only way for mobile phone development, more and more special-shaped screen design is not as good as real comprehensive screen design, which is why many mobile phone developers pursue comprehensive screen design, and consumers also I like the full-screen design. I can see from the exposure renderings. The screen of this new machine adopts a comprehensive screen design. The screen has no openings and no components. It has 100% full-screen design. In addition, the machine’s screen also uses a 3D floating screen design, screen ratio of up to 96.3%, screen size of 6.4 inches, equipped with a Super AMOLED stunning screen, resolution: 2340 * 1080 pixels, screen pixel density is 500ppi, the aspect ratio reached a ratio of 19.5:9, using the Corning Gorilla sixth-generation glass as the screen material.

As a screen with a full-screen design of the phone, and the screen to achieve a 100% full screen, in the premise that the front camera function cannot be removed, then this phone must be used to hide the front camera and other components Design method, after all, the current comprehensive screen design of the mobile phone, basically hide the front camera and other components, from the exposure of the renderings can be seen, this new camera front camera function, it is used Lifting design, front single camera, after calling the front camera function, the front camera is lifted up from the top of the fuselage. The front camera’s pixels are 2500W pixels, using: F/1, 6 aperture, equipped with The latest AI beauty technology.

It can be seen from the rendering of the exposure. The rear camera function of this OnePlus  7 adopts the design of the rear three-camera, equipped with an LED flash, and the design of the rear camera bump, three The rear camera and LED flash are arranged vertically in the middle of the back of the fuselage, and the rear vertical row design. The pixels of the rear camera is: 4800 (AI lens, Sony IMX586 camera sensor) + 1200W (ultra wide-angle lens) + 800W (human lens) ) Pixel, using: F / 1.2 + F / 2.4 + F / 2.8 aperture, the machine supports 123 degrees super wide-angle shooting function, and 10 times hybrid optical zoom shooting function, equipped with PDAF phase focusing technology and OIS optical anti-shake technology .

The fingerprint unlocking function of this one plus mobile phone is the same as the vivo X27 released by friends in the previous period. It is equipped with the sixth generation screen fingerprint recognition technology like the vivo X27. Judging from the experience of many consumers on this technology, both the unlocking speed and the success rate are greatly improved, which is comparable to the fingerprint on the ultrasound screen. It can be seen that the fingerprint recognition unlocking function of this technology is used to unlock how fast. In addition, this one plus new machine also supports face recognition unlocking function. The machine is equipped with 3D structured light recognition technology to build 3D. The face model is extremely accurate and secure.

It can be seen from the rendering of the exposure. The back of the new machine has a solid color design, the overall value is still very high, the back side of the fuselage is curved, the surface design, plus the screen is double The surface design is very good. The body material is made of Corning Gorilla’s sixth-generation glass. The frame is made of metal. It supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof technology. The three-proof function is especially excellent. It retains the 3.5mm headphone hole design. The machine is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery, equipped with super fast charging technology and wireless charging technology, and also supports reverse charging function, the aircraft’s battery life is impeccable.

5G mobile phones are the most fashionable mobile phones at present, and every 5G mobile phone has attracted much attention. Both the industry and the industry have paid attention to 5G mobile phones, and this top-loading machine will have 5G functions. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X50’s 5G baseband and supports 5G network. The processor is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon. It is equipped with the flagship processor of Snapdragon 855. It is currently the most powerful flagship processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.8. GHz, the machine’s running memory starts with 6GB and supports up to 12GB of running memory. The OnePlus 7 storage memory starts with 128GB and supports up to 512GB of storage memory.

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One plus mobile phone, why is it called a domestic black horse by many people? The main reason is that every time you add a OnePlus 7, it is a flagship machine, only a flagship machine. Each one plus one mobile phone is very good, not too big, and this one plus new machine is even more So, from the 3D floating screen to the rear 48 Megapixels, it is the best in the industry, it is a OnePlus 7 stunning. And according to the data, the machine’s pricing conscience, the OnePlus 7 release price will be around 3999 ($595.17), and now do not know how much the 5G version will reach.

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