Oneplus 7 Lit Up In Concept With a Circular Shaped Quad-Cameras


Remember the Square triple-lens design of the back of Huawei’s Mate 20 series? Although it is equipped with Leica triple lenses, this design feels lost aesthetic. Recently, foreign media exposed a set of Oneplus 7 concept renders which use an aperture screen, the fuselage back actually chose the quad- camera in circular shape design, it is obviously challenging Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

First of all, Oneplus 7 has a quad-cameras that mounted in a circular frame of the back and the flash is placed on the center. All lenses may use the Sony IMX586 sensor, and the overall lens specifications may be similar to the Samsung A9S.

This year Huawei and Samsung have announced the Hole-screen, this design will undoubtedly raise a lot of accounting that allows screen. In 2019, there will be a curved Hole-screen brought by the Samsung S10, and there will be new innovations in appearance. The concept of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to be the rumored Galaxy S10. The same is the front lens in the upper left corner. The double-curved AMOLED panel is used for the first time. It looks like an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy S9+.

It is necessary to know that the proportion of mobile phone screens is not only getting higher, but also the screen is getting bigger. The Oneplus 7 concept reveals the screen size is 6.3 inches with 19.5:9 screen ratio design, although there is no choice of the water-drop screen like the Oneplus 6T, still can see the chin and forehead black side changes are relatively large.

The smoothly curved screen uses a pre-punch lens and the fingerprint will be under the screen to unlock, which may be the overall development trend of smartphones of 2019. Coupled with the addition of Oneplus before the release of the first 5G network to add a mobile phone, it is likely to Oneplus 7.

And according to the convention, will be coupled with the 5G network supporting the Snapdragon 855 processor. The same is the 7-nanometer process, in the latest benchmark test, the performance of the Kirin 980. This appearance combined with a powerful configuration, as a flagship killer Smartphone.

Four lens + Hole-curved screen design, do not know whether that Oneplus 7 concept is in line with your appetite? To know that the current Oneplus Smartphone has no wireless charging and dustproof and water resistant level, although cost-effective, but the disadvantage It also stands out very well. In the end, We still have to remind you that although the concept render of Oneplus 7 looks a little different, it is only a concept. So, don’t take it seriously.

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