OnePlus 7 Pro: Ice Universe Revealed the Appearance of the Upcoming Flagship


After advertising in yesterday’s newspapers, here we are again talking about OnePlus 7 Pro. This time, no slogans and mottos, but something more concrete: a couple of images of the protective films of the new “flagship killer”. The source is Ice Universe, a well-known informant who shared the two photos you see below on a Twitter profile a few hours ago.

Let’s make it clear right away, that protrusion you see is not a protection for the supposed retractable camera that it should mount, of course. But those strange reflections that are seen at the side edges of the films are, however, curvatures, a sign that OnePlus 7 Pro will probably have a curved display. In addition to this, it is worth pausing also on the frames that are barely visible and, especially in the first image, they give a good idea of ​​how much they are reduced to the bone.

In short, after the rumors on the Fluid AMOLED screen and the first shots of the triple rear camera, among other things, the picture is now beginning to take shape at this point.

The new line 7 of OnePlus will have two variants, one “normal” and another pro. The idea is to bring a device with more affordable cost and another with a higher price for those who need better specifications or simply can afford. It only remains then for us to wait for further confirmations pending the official presentation set for next May 14th.

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