OnePlus 7 Pro Spent 100 Million Yuan Custom Screen To Get The Highest A+ Certification


The OnePlus official has confirmed that it will officially release the new flagship OnePlus 7 at the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing on May 16th. The slogan is “Go Beyond Speed”.

In terms of shape and configuration, rumors have been added to 7 will continue 6T water drop screen, rear dual camera, 3700mAh battery, and 20W fast charge; and one plus 7 Pro is upgraded to 6.6 inches 2K resolution screen, 90Hz refresh rate, after Set three cameras (48MP+ 8MP telephoto + 16MP wide angles), 4000mAh battery (30W fast charge), etc., and switch to pop-up front-end design, that is, no-shaped full screen.

The biggest selling point of the OnePlus 7 Pro, in addition to smooth, is the “costing 100 million yuan custom” screen.

Today, Liu Zuohu said on Weibo that the quality of the screen is a feeling for ordinary users and requires an objective evaluation standard. “DisplayMate is the most rigorous and authoritative display evaluation agency in the United States, and few products receive A-level certification. Today is very happy because OnePlus 7 Pro has the highest A+ certification for DisplayMate.”

It is reported that one of the 7 custom screens from Samsung, the display effect is best for the previous generation of mobile phones.

In fact, in recent years, I have been using Samsung’s screen, and it is a customized version of Optic AMOLED. According to the official statement, it is based on Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, and the screen quality has been re-commissioned to further optimize. Contrast, color temperature, and display under strong light.

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Previously, Liu Zuohu said: “I believe that once you have used the new products we are about to release, you can no longer look back. Don’t say that you have no requirements for the screen, it is because you have not seen a better screen.”

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