OnePlus 7 Pro: The “Pop-Up” Camera Holds a 22.3kg Cement Block


After several months of waiting, OnePlus finally officially unveiled this Tuesday its OnePlus 7 Pro. Apart from its screen, its processor, it’s stereo audio or triple back camera, the smartphone is especially the first of a brand recognized to incorporate a retractable camera for selfies.

While this mechanism may be considered fragile by the general public, because of the different integrated mechanisms, OnePlus is nevertheless reassuring as to its solidity. Even though our test felt that there was a slight game on the device, the video posted by OnePlus seems to indicate that the OnePlus 7 Pro will not break anytime soon.

In the shared video, OnePlus had fun pulling a string at the end of which is connected to a block of cement 49.2 pounds (22.3 kg). The other end of the string is then hung on the camera. The video seems to show that the pop-up camera holds the shock well and that it does not bend despite the large mass it supports.

OnePlus is also reassuring about the number of movements allowed by the camera. According to the manufacturer, the camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro can endure up to 300 000 cycles, or 150 openings and closing per day for 5 years.

Perhaps the biggest problem with pop-up cameras is durability. Many people may not hesitate about it. But at least, OnePlus proves its robustness in its smartphone model. After this time, other brands of camera smartphone models are expected to show similar care.

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