Oneplus 7: Real Phone Exposed, With Three Rear Cameras, Snapdragon 855


OnePlus has become a well-known brand after experiencing this year’s development. Previously, many new Phone launched by the company has been the flagship standard in China or Worldwide. OnePlus 3 series to Oneplus 5 series has received a lot of prices, and OnePlus 6 is ?? worth recommending the new 845 new smartphones. According to the news, the OnePlus is already preparing for the new Oneplus 7, and the new OnePlus 7 screen will be bigger than the OnePlus 6, and the performance of the new phone will be more powerful. At present, the news about OnePlus7 has also been exposed. Let’s See

The new Oneplus 7 canceled the previous design of OnePlus 6 but replaced the more mainstream comprehensive screen. In the back design of the OnePlus7 uses a horizontal double-shot combination, the double camera is located in the upper left corner of the fuselage, the back of the whole phone is still made of glass material, and the texture of the fuselage is also very good. In the front design of the OnePlus7, adopts a full-faced bangs-style screen, and the left and right borders of the phone almost disappear. On the upper and lower forehead of the phone, is equipped with multiple sensors, the whole front The effect is still very good. In the overall design of the OnePlus 7, this time, the addition of 7 does not use too much design elements but chooses a new design style, which also seems to mark the new design will come formally, The OnePlus7 will be more rounded.

OnePlus seven will be equipped with next year’s flagship processor, Qualcomm ‘s Snapdragon 855 processor, which has been confirmed to support 5G and back to the processor only this Oneplus 7, whether the Samsung S10 series will be equipped with a mystery at the beginning of next year. OnePlus 7 will start with a 8GB+128GB memory combination, and the maximum will be 8GB+256GB version. This kind of memory combination is definitely the premium of the flagship phones.

OnePlus 7 uses a rear dual 20MPs Cameras, and a third camera with 12MP, of which the dual camera supports optical image stabilization. On the front camera of the new OnePlus7 is equipped with a liftable dual 16MP front camera. In terms of other configurations of the Phone, OnePlus7 will be equipped with this year’s mainstream wireless charging function, the OnePlus7 will support 5G network, and add fingerprint recognition technology under the screen.

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OnePlus 7 will maintain a price-effective ratio of OnePlus 6 the price of the phone will not have a particularly large increase, but the price of the phone is still the same as many mobile phones, The starting price of this OnePlus 7 will be 3899 yuan ($599), and this price is also the new standard of the new flagship. The OnePlus7 is very likely to be officially released in April next year.

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