OnePlus 7 Real Photos Leaked: True Full Screen Design Completely Changed


With the price reduction of the OnePlus 6T, this indicates that the new flagship of the OnePlus is getting closer and closer to us. According to the naming convention, the new flagship to be released this year is naturally a OnePlus 7. For consumers, they should be looking forward to seeing a different upgrade in OnePlus 7, especially in design.  According to the latest exposure of the suspected OnePlus 7 (or OnePlus 7 Pro) real phone photo display, OnePlus 7 in design is indeed more radical than the previous generation models. On the screen, it uses a hyperboloid screen. At the same time, the screen does not have any openings or bangs. It can be said that it has reached the form of a true full screen. In addition, the chin and forehead are also very well controlled, and the visual perception is excellent.

As for how to solve the front lens, according to the previous exposure information, OnePlus 7 will likely use the lift front to solve this design conflict. In view of the fact that many models with lift-type front-end models have appeared this year, the credibility of this point is still ok. Of course, in addition to the design big change, it is reported that the OnePlus 7 will also be equipped with the Snapdragon 855, equipped with rear three shots, with 10GB RAM or higher configuration version, and is expected to support Warp flash charging 30 or higher power charging technology.

It is expected that OnePlus 7 will be released soon around May. If you can really enjoy a big upgrade in appearance, I believe that OnePlus 7 should become the choice of many young users this year. Especially for some consumers who have a special liking for the near-native Android system experience, the OnePlus 7 after the face-lifting is undoubtedly the best choice.

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As a well-received flagship model overseas, although OnePlus 7 is a bit late, I believe that overseas users will still support it. After all, it is still very good in overseas reputation.

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