Oneplus 7 Review, Design, Specs, Price Release Date and More


Among the most anticipated smartphones of 2019, the OnePlus 7 easily rise to the top of the list and rumors circulating about the next smartphone of the Chinese brand. The time has come to take stock of the next flagship killer. OnePlus will launch one of the first smartphones on the market that will be compatible with 5G bands, the goal being to optimize the operation to launch better devices on the bands of the 5th gen of mobile telecommunications thereafter.

This year 2019 should therefore rather be seen as a year of vanguard and experimentation since operators do not talk about launching the field of 5G before 2020. This new mobile data technology should allow benefiting from flows up to 10 Gbit / sec, which is approximately 20 to 100 times faster than current 4G networks.

The OnePlus 7 should be the first device of the brand to get rid of the notch introduced with the OnePlus 6. This notch has subsequently evolved to become more discreet by adopting the shape of a “drop” on the model 6T. The screen of the next flagship killer will almost completely cover the device and will even a priori borderless to believe a snapshot that has recently leaked. Besides it can be seen next to an evolved version of the 6T which makes it all the better to be aware of this potential evolution. The thick beige shell that can be seen in this picture serves to camouflage the shapes of the device when it is a device being designed.

With the arrival of a new Sony sensor capable of shooting at 48MP, OnePlus may decide to make use of it and benefit from the marketing of this new technology. Moreover, a leaked photograph shows an advanced dorsal camera that could be equipped with the next OnePlus model. This is reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia 1020 which was at the time the first model to offer a ceiling sensor to 41MP. In addition, it may be that this OnePlus 7 is also equipped with a camera before retractable, in the manner of the Oppo Find X or Xiami Mi Mix 3.

Another feature that will be found on the OnePlus 7 will be a fingerprint scanner present under the screen and it could be that this feature is more advanced, which would not be a bad thing. The OnePlus 6T was already equipped with a fingerprint scanner, but its operation did not prove to be as fast as a more conventional scanner. OnePlus may, therefore, be using Qualcomm’s new ultrasonic technology to optimize its use.

Hardware side, this OnePlus 7 remains in the continuity of things even if we can expect a switch to Snapdragon 855, 5G requires. RAM side should be able to rely on 6GB minimum, although it seems wise to think that the 8GB should even become the new standard with models easily going up to 10GB, if not more. In itself, nothing special to report outside the photosensor, as previously stated, because the storage capacity should remain in what we can already find currently being on models ranging from 128 to 256GB.

According to rumors, it would not be dangerous to consider a potential announcement in May. This period would coincide even more with the date of presentation of OnePlus 6 which was made on May 16, 2018. As for the price, it will be necessary to count on an increase of the order of a $100, as far as in any case the 5G model.


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