OnePlus 7 Teardown Review: Reveal More Secrets, and Durability


OnePlus 7, as the flagship product representing an acceleration, is still the main light and smooth, and still not critical in performance. While inheriting the characteristics of the previous generation, the process design is more refined, the comprehensive experience has also improved a step, and it has also made the OnePlus 7 become the most popular artists in the same generation.

OnePlus 7 features are distinctive, and it is hard to forget when you look at it. Although the design of the double-sided glass + metal middle frame on the market is as big as a cow’s hair, there are only a handful of such sleek and natural ones. With such an impressive design, what is the “inner” world of OnePlus 7 ? Today, we will dismantle one, one, and seven, and go and find out together.

First, we put OnePlus 7 on the heating platform that has been preheated to 80°. About two minutes, when I feel that the phone is slightly hot, remove the phone and remove the SIM card slot. Since the card tray is interspersed with the motherboard, forgetting to take the card to forcibly strip the motherboard and hurt the motherboard sometimes occurs.

Then, we use the crowbar and then disassemble to cut the glue on the back cover. Since the OnePlus 7 uses the unlocking method of the front screen fingerprint, there is no need to consider the problem of the rear fingerprint. In addition, OnePlus 7 is still placed on the glue water, the battery cover is very tight, and it needs to be slower when disassembling.

After disassembling the back cover, the entire internal layout of OnePlus 7 is in sight, still a classic three-segment design, with the mainboard, battery and sub-board arranged in sequence. The main and auxiliary boards are covered by a cover plate, which is very integrated and the overall integration is still quite high.

Unpacking the protective cover, the mainboard design introduces the eyelids, the overall looks very comfortable, the components are neatly arranged, and the workmanship is difficult to find an adversary in the same competing products, it seems to be fine art. No loss is a benchmark product, even the interior is so fine.

Pick up the battery cable first, then remove the front camera. OnePlus 7 uses 16 Megapixels AI front portrait, self-timer also has excellent background blur effect. Beauty is more natural and more prominent. In addition, it also supports EIS electronic image stabilization, video, and live broadcast are more stable. And support facial recognition.

Next, we took the whole motherboard and removed the rear camera. It should be noted that the rear camera has a cable link motherboard, and you should not forcibly remove it. OnePlus 7 is equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera with the same version of the 7 Pro, f/1.7 large aperture, and supports OIS optical image stabilization. With a 5 megapixel sub-photo, it delivers outstanding picture quality. The new camera algorithm continues the combination of soft and hard features, allowing you to take a good photo at your fingertips.

After removing the rear camera, you can separate the motherboard. It can be seen that the motherboard with OnePlus 7 is actually not big, and the motherboard is made into an irregular shape. It is on this irregular motherboard that the components are neatly arranged, and the traditional metal shielding layer in the industry is also indispensable. And in order to dissipate heat, it is also placed with thermal grease. Among them, the cascading package is the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform.

The mainboard came to an end and looked at the sub-board. The sub-board cover was found to be very different. The one-plus-seven cover is different from the other three-segment mobile phones that were previously removed. The traditional three-segment mobile phone sub-board cover is only One protection, OnePlus 7 is to integrate the speaker and the motor on the sub-board cover.

Circular hollow design in the middle of the sub-board is to put down the vibration motor of the Phone so that the small sub-board is really shocking. It is worth mentioning that OnePlus 7 uses a dual stereo speaker, equipped with Dolby panoramic sound, so that the sound quality is on a new level, the details are even more shocking. Whether watching a movie or playing a game, this new listening experience, only after hearing it, knows what is immersive.

OnePlus 7 uses the light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology to make the back more complete and more integrated. The fingerprint module is composed of a camera and a single chip. The camera is placed at the bottom of the screen. Through the light source, you can see that there is a circular opening at the bottom of the screen of the mobile phone. When the finger is pressed on the screen, the camera gives the finger through the screen. Taking pictures to identify them, this is also a great effort to select the material of the screen.

Finally, we removed the battery with OnePlus 7 and didn’t say anything to say, it was easy. OnePlus 7 is equipped with a large battery of 3700mAh. If it is used normally, there is no problem for one day. For heavy mobile phone users, OnePlus 7 OnePlus flash charging technology can also solve the problem of battery life, and OnePlus 7 is playing games on your side, and it is very fast when charging. After OnePlus 7, it was completely disassembled, and then we installed the phone again. The phone can be turned on and the camera function is intact.

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From the dismantling point of view, the internal work of OnePlus 7 is very good, and it is not easy to use such care in the details that the user can’t see. Looking at the current mobile phone market, OnePlus 7 is undoubtedly the leader in the flagship machine. The impressive industrial design, the ultimate comfort grip, and the inherited traditional strength are undoubtedly inconspicuous. temperament.


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