Oneplus 8/8T Starts to Recruit ColorOS 12 Beta Test Based on Android 12


According to OnePlus community announcement, OnePlus 8/8 Pro and OnePlus 8T have opened ColorOS 12 internal test recruitment, based on the new system experience of Android 12, recruitment time is from November 10 to 12:00 on November 12.

[Special reminder]
Important: This is an internal test recruitment for ColorOS 12 upgrade, and this upgrade involves operating system switching. To avoid data loss during the upgrade, please make sure to back up data before the upgrade.

Important: This upgrade is directly pushed by the system. After successful registration and approval, you will receive push successively. Please make sure you can accept the potential risks of the beta version before signing up.

[Application Requirements]
1. Oneplus 8 series and OnePlus 8T models;

2. Like to experience various functions of mobile phones and be willing to try new and upgrade;

3. Be able to accept the instability, incompatibility and other problems of the test version;

4. Use mobile phones for more than 30 hours per week;

5, have evaluation and ROM test experience or developers are preferred;

6. Positive, optimistic and cheerful, seeking common ground while reserving differences;

7. Perform well in the community and other platforms without any violations.

[Guidance notes]
1. As the internal test version is still in the development stage, there are some potential risks and poor experience in system stability, and some bugs and abnormal power consumption may exist in the version. If you want to use your mobile phone for a long time, please register with caution.

2. Back up important personal data before the upgrade to avoid data loss caused by incompatibility or other problems after the upgrade.

3. Currently, there are still many common third-party apps that are not compatible with Android 12, such as Bank of China, Personal income tax, Kuaishou, etc. After upgrading, third-party apps may not work properly. The compatibility of third-party apps depends on the vendor’s compatibility with Android 12. If you use third-party apps regularly and must, it is recommended to wait for stable versions.

[Registration method]
1. Ensure that the mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version (To view the version number: Settings > About Mobile Phone > Version number)

OP8 Pro: HydrogenOS

OP8: HydrogenOS IN21

OP8T: HydrogenOS KB05

2. Application Method:

Step 1: Please complete the recruitment appointment questionnaire and fill in the basic information (OnePlus 8 series questionnaire) (OnePlus 8T questionnaire).

Step 2: Then complete the questions 1-14 and submit the answer sheet. (The higher the score, the higher the probability of passing the examination)

Igeekphone learned that after the recruitment, the management staff will conduct a qualification review according to the user’s filling in the questionnaire, and the approval will be notified by SMS.

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According to onePlus community administrator @OnePlus Lanai, currently only hydrogen OS OTA can be downloaded to ColorOS 12. Oneplus 8 series cannot be downloaded from OTA to ColorOS 12. Users who have downloaded OTA to ColorOS 12 will need to download OTA to upgrade.


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