OnePlus 8 Series official Announced: Fifth-Generation AG Glass Process, Starting From $729.99


The official announcement of the new OnePlus 8 series mobile phone by the OnePlus mobile phone, Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus mobile phone. It also introduced the back cover of the OnePlus 8 series mobile phone on Weibo today. Craftsmanship.

Liu Zuohu said that the OnePlus 8 series uses the fifth-generation AG glass process this time, and the haze is from 20% -30% of the first generation to 64% -82% of the fifth generation, which gives the original stiff glass surface some soft texture.

The OnePlus 6 phone was originally used in the AG process. On this phone, the OnePlus team used a chemical etching process to give the glass surface a matte effect. The OnePlus 7T uses the AG anti-glare coating process, and the texture of the back cover is further improved.

At present, the official OnePlus 8 series configuration includes: Snapdragon 865 + Haptic vibration motor as standard, LPDDR5 memory + wireless flash charging, a 2K + 120Hz screen, support MEMC video insertion frame, with 4096-level brightness adjustment And passed DisplayMate A + certification.

The new OnePlus 8 series of mobile phones will be officially released on April 16. At present, we have received a lot of real and false news, and the price increase should be one of the most suspicious.

But the question is, how much has the OnePlus 8 series gone up?

Recently, Czech retailer Alza exposed the Euro price of the OnePlus 8 series:
  • OnePlus8 (8GB RAM, 128GB storage): ~ 719/729 euros (about RMB 5512/5589 yuan)
  • OnePlus8 (12GB RAM, 256GB storage): ~ 819/829 euros (about 6279/6356 yuan)
  • OnePlus8 Pro (8GB RAM, 128GB storage): ~ 919/929 Euros (about RMB 7046/7122 yuan)
  • OnePlus8 Pro (12GB RAM, 256GB storage): ~ 1009/1019 Euros (about RMB 7736/7812 yuan)

As a comparison, the OnePlus 7T / 7T Pro’s starting price in Euros is 579/759 euros. And the OnePlus8 series has increased by at least 140 euros (about 1073 yuan). As everyone knows the reasons, including Snapdragon 865 processor, 5G license. Brand new 120Hz screen, etc., but OnePlus should give a satisfactory national bank price, wait and see.

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