Oneplus 8 Pro Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Oneplus finally released Oneplus 8 Pro smartphone in China, which is considered as top 120Hz 2K+ AMOLED smartphone and it also has 48MP four rear camera, Snapdragon 865 5G processor, built in 4510mAh battery with Warp 30T wire quick charge and Warp 30W wireless charge. So let’s see the review about Oneplus 8 Pro.


Currently, Oneplus 8 Pro has three colors, black, Green and Blue. What we test is Black one with curved screen.

On the top left there is a pole for 16MP front camera for taking selfies.

Oneplus 8 Pro has 199g weight, supporting IP68 waterproof and dustproof certification.

At the bottom, it has a SIM card, microphone pole, USB Type C port and speaker.

On the botton, there is a microphone pole, and the other speaker.

By the way, Oneplus 8 Pro uses new brand logo, compared with preivous models.

Display Advantages

Temperament 2K+ 120Hz set a record of 13 stunts

8 for a Pro this and samsung display customized screen, authoritative testing institutions DisplayMate screen have done detailed quantitative testing, the testing process is relatively complex, according to a report one plus 8 Pro 13 to the highest record of the existing test data, we can easily know the next, may also directly bring a decline in the sixth section through the author of the subjective experiences of the screen:

1. The highest color accuracy is 0.3jncd

2. Accuracy of maximum picture contrast and accuracy of grey scale 2.17 Gamma

3. The best color accuracy of different size test Windows is 0.4jncd

4. The image contrast and gray scale accuracy of different sizes of test Windows were optimized to be 0.03 Gamma offset

5. Maximum full-screen brightness 826 nits 100% test window size of OLED screen phone

6. Maximum screen peak brightness 1,444 nits 1% test window size

7. The maximum original color gamut of the screen is 114% dci-p3/143% sRGB

8, the total dark environment has the highest contrast infinite

9. The maximum contrast of ambient light is 188, 100% of the test window size; 3281% test window size

10. Under different viewing angles, the brightness attenuation is at a minimum of 30°, and the brightness attenuation is 22%

11. The lowest screen reflectance is 22%, 30° -4.4%

12. Under different viewing angles, the white point has a minimum excursion of 30°, and the 0.9 JNCD excursion is at the observation Angle

13. The highest screen resolution is 3168×1440

About color and intensity

In terms of color, the oneplus 8 Pro has an outstanding record in the largest original gamut on the screen. Color gamut is a range of colors that can be expressed by a certain color pattern. The larger the color gamut of the device is, the more colors it can reproduce.

The oneplus 8 Pro has an AMOLED wide-gamut mode, as well as the original 114% dci-p3 gamut and 143% sRGB gamut of the OLED display.

Four, image details: custom dual master photography,  reveal the SONY IMX689

A good screen and good camera is perfect match.

The image of oneplus 8 Pro is specifically composed of four lenses, namely, the following:

1/1.4 inch, 1.12 pixels per pixel, 2X2OCL in Quad Bayer encoding format, combined with a pixel size of 2.24 pixels, the 48-megapixel SONY IMX689 main camera can be fully focused in a minimum of 1.0 Lux. Large aperture F1.78, added OIS optical anti-shake, can be cropped to achieve 2X zoom, 2X zoom under the closest focus distance of about 10cm, meaning you can use the oneplus 8 Pro to experience medium focal macro shooting.

The other main camera is the SONY IMX586 F2.2 ultra wide Angle lens. The IMX586 is an old friend, but it’s a rare one to be used as an ultra wide Angle lens.

Compared with the two main camera, the 500-pixel auxiliary lens and the 8-megapixel telepath lens play more of an auxiliary role in broadening the usage scene and enriching the image playing method. Therefore, we will focus on IMX689 and IMX586, two main camera.

According to the SONY team, we can learn that the IMX689 is the first commercial QBC 2X2OCL sensor, and it has been upgraded from the prototype design to the commercial process, for example, the pixel size has been greatly increased from 0.8 to 1.12 megaliers in the prototype design.

The IMX689 also addresses full pixel focusing speed under ultra-low illumination, achieving higher pixels and a larger dynamic range of performance. Data from the SONY team shows that the IMX689 can achieve full pixel focus with 1Lux of ultra-low illumination compared to traditional QBC sensors such as the IMX586 (for comparison, the IMX586 can only descend to 10Lux).

So let’s go straight to the samples.

In the day.

What impressed me most about these samples was that the oneplus 8 Pro color accuracy was very good, especially when shooting with the main camera, the IMX689 presented natural colors, light and dark layers and HDR ability to attract attention.

In terms of image, thanks to QBC2X2OCL IMX689, it can be found that its color performance, width performance and focusing speed are better than that of QBC IMX586 during the shooting process, and the quality of out-of-focus imaging is quite good.

Compared with the filter of pure digital algorithm, the 500 pixel filter added by the oneplus 8 Pro can exclude and filter the direct light in the beam according to the principle of light polarization, so that the light can be put into the optical axis of the path, and the image is more natural.

Thanks to the IMX586 dedicated to become an ultra-wide Angle lens, as far as the edge imaging is concerned, it has the chiaroscuro performance, a strong sense of hierarchy, to maintain the due analytical force.

Night Samples


The oneplus 8 Pro is equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 865 5G processor, Kryo585 architecture and 7nm technology. The overall comprehensive performance calculation is 25% higher than that of the previous generation snapdragon 855 Plus, and it supports NSA + SA 5G dual-mode.

The oneplus 8 Pro has 128/256GB of storage, supporting for LPDDR5 RAM storage technology, and standard UFS 3.0 flash memory.

2. GeekBench test

GeekBench: a cross-platform CPU performance testing tool that can accurately reflect the performance of single-core and multi-core cpus. The test load simulates the real life application design, the result is more meaningful, can also measure the GPU graphics card computing performance.

The single core performance can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of the CPU architecture design and the running frequency. Multi-core performance can reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working at the same time.

In the GeekBench5 test, the oneplus 8 Pro’s snapdragon 865, which benefited from the all-new A77 architecture, performed very well in both single-core and multi-core performance tests, with the single-core leading by 19% over the snapdragon 855 Plus, 35% over the snapdragon 855 single-core and 25% over the multi-core.

3. GFXBench

4. UFS 3.0

The oneplus 8 Pro is equipped with UFS 3.0 flash memory. Compared with the flash memory of UFS 2.1, the speed of continuous reading and continuous writing of flash memory is more than 1 times higher, and the speed of continuous reading is more than 1632MB/s.

5G Test


It is built in 4500 battery, when playing the video, 70% brightness, 20% volume, start with 100% power, last 1 hour and 24 minutes, remaining 87% power, and consume 13% power. At this rate. Battery life now appears to be close to that of the previous oneplus 7 Pro, with similar battery capacity compared to what I tested earlier.

The oneplus 8 Pro comes with an upgraded Warp 30T (5V6A) cable flash charger.

The oneplus 8 Pro supports Warp 30W wireless flash charging, which in a simple test can be charged from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.

The oneplus 8 Pro also supports reverse wireless charging for other devices.

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Oneplus 8 Pro is amazing in its screen, 3168*1440, 2K+ level, 513 PPI, up to 1300 nit PPI, without question, Oneplus 8 Pro stands for the top level of smartphones in its screen. And this time, Oneplus 8 Pro also uses high-end IMX689 sensor camera, Snapdragon 865 Octa core 5G processor, RAM 12GB ROM 256GB internal storage, LPDDR5, UFS 3.0, and its large battery, wireless charge 30W and IP68 waterproof function also become main advantages for users to choose it first. That’s why Oneplus 8 Pro becomes the flagship currently.

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