OnePlus 8 Will Be Launch Next Week Liu Zuohu’s officially Announced


In March, 5G flagship phones of various mobile phone brands have been released, and some even upgraded all their product lines to 5G mobile phones within a month. OnePlus 8 Series, which has been slow to move, finally couldn’t sit still today Already.

OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu said on his Weibo today: Seeing that OnePlus 8’s oxytocin group is very active, let me tell you the time of the conference next week.

With a substantial improvement, the new phone edges are also relatively pleasant to control. In terms of the screen parameters of the new phone, the new OnePlus8 will support a 2K 120Hz refresh rate. This screen quality is very powerful. The OnePlus 8 series will start with an 8GB + 128GB memory combination. The new phone will have a maximum of 12GB + 512GB memory combination coming. Such a combination is also very top-level.

It seems that OnePlus will bring news about OnePlus 8 next week. And according to the warm-up situation of the domestic mobile phone conference. The latest time from the official start to warm up the new phone to the official release of the new phone is the latest. It won’t be more than two weeks, so OnePlus8 is expected to meet us exactly in mid-April.

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Not long ago, Liu Zuohu tweeted: OnePlus 8 series seems to be the finale of the mobile phone industry in the first half of the year, and the best is generally put at the end hahaha. (Expanded again, estimated to be scolded)
It seems that this year OnePlus 8 will be a very heavy new machine.


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