OnePlus 8T Latest News: 65W Super Flash Charge, Android 11 Beta


Recently, Google released the Android 11 Beta version, and then OnePlus announced that its OnePlus 8/8 Pro, OnePlus 8T/8T Pro can be upgraded immediately. But then there were developers who dug up a lot of material in OnePlus’ Android 11 Beta.

First of all, the word 65W super flash charge appears in the code. At present, the OnePlus 8 series comes standard with a 30W flash charge. It is not surprising to upgrade to 65W. It is expected that the design will be a series of dual batteries, which can be filled with 4000mAh in 30 minutes. Considering that the OnePlus 8 series does not use the dual-cell design, this function should be visible in the OnePlus 8T.

The second is the new color scheme. Ice Blue is found in the code. It is not clear when it will be launched.

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Then there is the new true wireless headset, the name “OnePlus Pods” appears in the code, and there is also a package called “com.oneplus.twspods”. There is no doubt that TWS stands for a true wireless headset. It is expected that The headset may be released in July.


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