OnePlus 9RT Review: Snapdragon 888, 65W Fast Charge


For OnePlus, this sentence runs through the corporate culture. Of course, OnePlus also has such confidence. Judging from previous works, whether it is the OnePlus 7 Pro teaming up with Samsung to create the maximum display effect of the year, or the OnePlus 9/9 Pro series of Hasselblad images, the OnePlus has shown us what a “conscience” is.

For OnePlus, it can be said that the few shortcomings of the product have been eliminated as much as possible. Still, the development of the mobile phone market is changing rapidly, and the advantages of yesterday may be the disadvantages of today. No matter how good a manufacturer does not follow the trend, it may be abandoned by consumers.

The OnePlus 9RT we got this time, as the latest flagship of OnePlus, is a work that pursues perfection. It focuses on the pursuit of extreme speed. When the diversification of the mobile phone’s appearance is approaching saturation, it strives to dig inside to make it a better mobile phone.

From the configuration point of view, OnePlus 9RT is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, supplemented by LDPPR5+ enhanced UFS 3.1, to ensure efficient and continuous output of performance and cooperate with OnePlus’ mobile phone’s largest heat dissipation area in the history of the space cooling system to achieve a thin and light machine. At the same time, it also allows high-performance continuous output to have room for display.

Although the phone has reached the performance level of a gaming phone, there is no compromise in its image. The flagship sensor IMX766 supports OIS optical image stabilization. The new Nighthawk night scene algorithm maximizes the advantages of the IMX766 outsole in the night scene. The 100MP superpixel algorithm has doubled the pixels of the picture. Of course, OnePlus’s traditional best screen is not too much. Samsung E4 OLED screen, 120Hz high brush, 300Hz touch sampling rate, some game scenes will be increased to an unprecedented 600Hz, and 100% P3 wide color gamut.

Moreover, it is still a rare straight screen, which is undoubtedly a clear stream at the moment when many people are getting more and more aesthetically tired of the curved-screen flagship.

In addition, the OnePlus 9RT has a built-in 4500mAh large battery that supports 65T flash charging, which is an upgraded version of 65W charging power, and the charging speed is faster than the traditional 65W.

The following is the detailed data of the OnePlus 9RT:

Design & Screen

OnePlus 9RT is equipped with a 6.62-inch Samsung E4 OLED straight screen, a 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz hardware touch sampling rate, 100% DCI-P3 comprehensive color gamut coverage, and the front camera digging position is in the upper left corner of the screen.

Due to the straight screen design, the left and right borders are of equal width, the forehead width control of the mobile phone is also excellent, and the chin control is relatively unrestrained. OnePlus 9RT has three colors of Hacker Silver, Dark Matter, and Clear Sky Enchantment, and we got the Hacker Silver version.

The Hacker Silver version uses the third-generation diffuse reflection process. Upon closer inspection, it seems that there is a layer of frosted particles hidden under the back cover. This left and right gradient texture design was exclusively developed by OnePlus, which allows the diffuse reflection texture to transition to the two sides of the fuselage. On the side, it forms a fusion of the high-gloss mirrors and silky feel, and it is not easy to stain fingerprints.

The primary camera lens using the IMX766 outsole, and two auxiliary lenses are placed in the rear camera module. Except for the different camera positions, the overall design style is consistent with the OnePlus 9R.

The right side of the fuselage retains a very distinctive physical sliding button, and the three-stage design has obvious damping. The body openings are concentrated on the bottom frame of the phone; from left to right are the speaker, Type-C interface, noise reduction hole, and SIM card slot.


OnePlus 9RT is equipped with the performance trident of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5+UFS3.1, and it has super cooling support. Let’s take a look at its actual performance.


In the system settings, the OnePlus 9RT has added a high-performance model. This mode is turned off by default. Let’s look at the data in two ways.

In the standard model, the Snapdragon 888 equipped with the OnePlus 9RT has a single-core score of 878 points and a multi-core score of 3380 points. In the high-performance model, the single-core score is 1127 points, which is an astonishing 28% increase, and the multi-core score is 3443 points, which is also an increase of about 2%.


In the AndroBench test, the sequential read speed of the OnePlus 9RT was 1765.74MB/s, and the sequential write speed was 767.66MB/s.

Master Lu

In Master Lu’s test, the OnePlus 9RT scored 883225 points, a mobile phone with a performance of over 99%.

“King of Glory”

In the game “Honor of Kings”, the screen is set to high, extremely high frame rate and extremely high resolution. The frame rate of the whole game is about 120 frames, the CPU proportion is maintained at about 60%, and the GPU proportion is maintained at about 10%.

“League of Legends Mobile Game Edition”

The picture quality is set to high picture quality, the frame rate is 60, the frame rate is packed during the game, the CPU occupies about 35%, and the GPU occupies about 10%.

“Peace Elite”

The image quality is set to HDR, the frame rate is set to the limit, the game’s frame rate is maintained at about 60 frames, the CPU occupies 40%, and the GPU occupies about 20%.


The primary camera of the OnePlus 9RT uses the IMX766 sensor and has a 100 million pixel super algorithm, which can double the pixels of the picture. Let’s take a look at the actual effect. Using the primary camera to take pictures in a well-lit environment, you can see that the color reproduction is accurate, and the effect of light and shadow changes is better displayed. The loss of details after zooming in is minimal.

The picture performance is still very good at close range. Taking pictures in the shade of a tree can see a slight light dimming, but it still maintains an excellent color reproduction. During the shooting, there was a breeze, and the florets were blown back and forth, but it did not affect the overall imaging effect.

In the macro mode, the performance of the OnePlus 9RT is still remarkable, the focus point is excellent, and the color is not missing.

However, it also has the characteristics of the macro mode of most mobile phones at present; that is, the focus position is perfect, but the edge blur is pronounced; natural, ly it is intentional. The advantage of this can be that it can highlight the center of gravity, but personally, every detail of the picture is significant under macro, and it might be better if it could be preserved all. Using IMX766, the details and image quality will be guaranteed, and it is more tuned in the night shooting environment.

Surprisingly, in different light environments, the adaptability of the OnePlus 9RT is excellent. When the focus is on the light, it does not overexpose the dark part but retains considerable detail. It can be seen at night. The Eagle Night View algorithm is still mighty.

When the light conditions are a little more complicated, the picture’s original brightness and image quality can be shown while keeping the above basics. It looks simple, but this requires powerful algorithm support.

When there are many light sources, it is usually more laborious to process this kind of picture, but the outline of the trees can still be seen more clearly after zooming in. Regrettably, although the phone is trying its best to preserve details, the processing traces are slightly too prominent.


The battery capacity of the OnePlus 9RT is 4500mAh and supports a 65T super fast charge. When testing the battery life, we use the battery dog ​​APP produced by Kuaitech. This APP can simulate the full-load operation of the mobile phone, daily browsing web pages, videos, etc. Use intensity.

The test time is 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 06 seconds and the power consumption is 24%. It is not a problem to convert it to use a day.

The initial charge is 1%, 20% charge in 3 minutes, 35% charge in 5 minutes, 51% charge in 10 minutes, 97% charge in 20 minutes, and a full charge in 22 minutes.

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The appearance of the OnePlus 9RT continues the family style of the OnePlus nine series. The third-generation diffuse reflection process of the hacker silver version is very suitable for the product style on the OnePlus 9RT. The unique gradient texture design can not only form a good mirror effect. In addition, it can prevent fingerprints from remaining. It can be seen that OnePlus still put a lot of effort into appearance.

The configuration only available in gaming phones appears on such an ultra-thin flagship phone in terms of performance. Due to the powerful performance tuning, it can already match most heavy gaming phones, and it has also added a particular game assistant function. , Efficient, although it is a bit like dazzling skills, for ordinary consumers, of course, the more such astonishing skills, the better.

In terms of photography, under normal light conditions during the day, the OnePlus 9RT can shoot whatever you want. The imaging is fast, the picture quality is good, the details are in place, the night scene processing is also handy, and there is still room for improvement in algorithm adjustment.

In the night shooting mode, the performance of the OnePlus 9RT is still at the flagship level for relatively simple light environments. Still, when faced with complex scenes, the version of the OnePlus 9RT is not so perfect.

The combination of the built-in 4500mAh battery and the 65W super-fast charge of the mobile phone can protect the super performance and super camera. It can charge the mobile phone to half the power in 10 minutes, and you can say goodbye to the fear of the battery.

In general, the OnePlus 9RT is a bucket machine with a very balanced performance in all aspects and maintains a high level. Except for the appearance of a mobile phone with a curved screen, it is almost impossible to find the faults of this phone. Of course, it is more and more. The more users are tired of the aesthetics of the curved screen, they are calling for the straight screen flagship. OnePlus 9RT can be said to comply with this call.

If you need a mobile phone that you won’t be disappointed with when you buy with your eyes closed, then OnePlus 9RT is undoubtedly one of the most suitable phones.

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