Oneplus Ace 2 Vs Redmi K60 Review, Which One Is More Cost-Effective?


OnePlus Ace 2 can be regarded as a front-end rigid Redmi K60, and its overall quality is even higher than that of the Redmi K60. Therefore, whether these two models focus on daily use or gaming experience, I think OnePlus Ace2 is more worth buying.

Comparison of OnePlus Ace 2 and Redmi K60

1. Performance

Both models are new phones with the Snapdragon 8+ processor. As I said, the Redmi K60 is a down-clocked version of the Snapdragon 8+, but the performance tuning is still good! This time, the OnePlus Ace 2 is a full-blooded version of the Snapdragon 8+ processor.

It has a lot of added value, such as a super-frame super-picture engine, rendering chip, game frame stabilization engine, game cloud computing private network, etc., so the game experience must be better! Especially in-depth cooperation and optimization with Yuanshen, if you are a heavy player of this game, you must choose OnePlus blindly!

In addition, the phones with the Snapdragon 8+ chip have almost been released, and the rest is basically price competition! But at present, major manufacturers still have the signal of price reduction, so under the same storage version, OnePlus Ace2 also has a lot of advantages!

2. Screen

Redmi K60 is a domestic OLED flexible straight screen, which supports 3200X1440 resolution, 12bit, and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, etc. Undoubtedly, this screen is almost king in the $300 range, at least few can surpass it so far new machine!

Although OnePlus Ace 2 does not have a 2K screen, it is also a curved screen with a resolution of 1.5K and supports 1.07 billion colors, 1440Hz high-frequency dimming, and multi-level refresh rate adjustment. It is also a good-quality OLED screen!

3. Take pictures

The photo performance of the Redmi K60 is an obvious shortcoming. The rear OV64B sensor has a 64MP main camera, which supports OIS optical image stabilization. The stability is there, but the imaging quality is relatively average.

In contrast, OnePlus Ace 2’s main camera specifications are much better. It uses a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX890 sensor and supports OIS optical image stabilization. Although the camera adjustment of the $300 phone is relatively sloppy, the lens of the OnePlus Ace 2 determines that the lower limit of this phone’s camera will not be low, so OnePlus Ace 2 must be stronger in terms of camera imaging!

4. Battery and charging

Redmi K60 has a built-in 5500mAh battery with 67W wired 30W wireless charging, which is relatively balanced and has a wireless charging function; while OnePlus Ace 2 has a 5000mAh battery with 100W wired flash charging. Obviously, the two models have certain advantages in battery life and wired charging respectively.

In addition, the OnePlus Ace 2 also has a glass back cover + plastic middle model, but the transition workmanship of the whole machine is more delicate, and the hand feel is better!

in short, although the OnePlus Ace 2 starts at $412, it corresponds to the 12GB+256GB version, which is even cheaper than the same version of the Redmi K60. The OnePlus Ace 2 is outstanding in terms of game experience and camera performance, while These two points greatly improve the user experience of most users, so compared with the current price of these two models, we recommend OnePlus Ace 2.

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