Oneplus Ace 2 will use LPDDR5X Memory Coming at 14:30, February 7


OnePlus Ace 2 will be officially released at 14:30, February 7, and is currently available for pre-order on OPPO Mall,, Tmall and other platforms.

OnePlus Li Jie said today that the new machine is equipped with a full blood performance configuration of three pieces, including full blood version of Snapdragon 8+, flagship LPDDR5X memory and 16GB large memory capacity.

However, Oneplus Ace 2 with LPDDR5X memory let many users wonder, Snapdragon 8+ the highest support for read and write speed is 6400Mbps, and the highest performance of LPDDR5X can reach 8533Mbps, is it a waste?

Li Jie explained that an important upgrade of LPDDR5X is that it can greatly reduce the power consumption of memory read and write. Compared with LPDDR5, the average power consumption of LPDDR5X can be reduced by 26%. In heavy load scenarios such as games, the power income is even more than 30%, which has a more stable performance.

In addition, the exclusive self-developed “memory gene recombination” technology can give full play to the potential of large memory, so that users can obtain a smoother and more stable memory usage experience, but also fully reduce power consumption.

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In addition, according to the current known information, OnePlus Ace 2 will use 1.5K domestic center hole curved screen, support 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, rear 50MP+8MP+2MP three-shot combination, equipped with 5000mAh large battery, and support for 100W fast charge.


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