OnePlus Ace2V vs Redmi K60E: Battle of the Budget Phones


The OnePlus Ace 2V and the Redmi K60E are two mid-range smartphones with a competitive relationship due to their overlapping price ranges. While they have different configurations, each model has advantages and disadvantages, which ultimately depend on the focus of each mobile phone.


Regarding hardware, the Redmi K60E uses the Dimensity 8200 processor, which is cost-effective for mid-range models, but its competitiveness will weaken with the decentralization of Dimensity 9000 and other processors. On the other hand, the Dimensity 9000 processor used by the OnePlus Ace2V is MediaTek’s flagship chip with more robust performance, especially in high-voltage games.


In terms of screen, the Redmi K60E has a flexible straight screen made of Samsung E4 that supports a resolution of 3200X1440, DC dimming, and better brightness and power consumption. While the OnePlus Ace2V has a lower resolution of 1.5K, its screen supports 1.07 billion colors, high-frequency PWM dimming, and a higher touch sampling rate, making it a good screen.


The OnePlus Ace2V and the Redmi K60E have different lenses for their cameras, with the Redmi K60E having an advantage in stability with its OIS optical image stabilization. However, the lens specifications are not high, and the camera algorithm tuning of both manufacturers is average, so don’t expect too much in terms of imaging quality.


Regarding battery and charging speed, the OnePlus Ace2V supports 80W flash charging, which makes the blood recovery speed faster. Meanwhile, the Redmi K60E has a built-in 5500mAh battery, and its life will be slightly better.


In conclusion, the price gap between the OnePlus Ace2V and the Redmi K60E is insignificant, and the overall quality can be regarded as 50-50. While the performance and charging speed of the OnePlus Ace2V are better, the version of the Redmi K60E is more prominent in terms of screen and battery life. It comes down to personal needs when choosing between the two models.

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