Oneplus Ace Preheats with Dimensity 8100 Max first


The online launch of OnePlus Ace will take place at 19:00 on April 21, and the official appearance of the new phone has already been revealed.

Today, oneplus preheating said, onePlus Ace will be the first to carry Dimensity 8100-MAX chip, joint mediatek technology, exclusive depth customization, game frame rate, AI calculation, night shooting video overall optimization.

Dimensity 8100 adopts TSMC 5nm process and consists of four Cortex-A78 cores with 2.85ghz main frequency and four Cortex-A55 cores with 2.0ghz main frequency. The comprehensive performance of Dimensity has exceeded 800,000 points.

Oneplus Ace comes in two colors, with a center hole screen on the front and an “electro-optical waterfall” design on the back, measuring 186g and 8.2mm.

Previously, @digitalChat revealed that OnePlus Ace will support 150W super flash charging, making it the fastest charging phone in OnePlus history. It is reported that the 150W super flash charger carried by OnePlus Ace is the “longevity version”. The battery life has been improved to twice the industry standard, which not only charges faster, but also lasts longer.

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It is worth mentioning that OPPO K10 will be equipped with Dimensity 8000-MAX chip for the first time. It seems that OGAS and Mediatek have done a lot of cooperation. OPPO K10 series will be released on April 24th, so we can look forward to it.


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